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moínigid(ir), maínigid

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Forms: mainiugad, maoiniugad

v denom. (maín). (a) enriches, endows : ni muinegetar mucca cen (sic leg.) a mbas no a llog (gl. a rec) … co n-aurlund (? leg. co h-) a ndithma (gl. .i. a dotma) 'pigs do not enrich except by their death (slaughter) or their [sale] value (gl. their sale)' Ériu xxxvi 202-3 . máinigter comarbai for a thechtu thoigh, SCC 276 . ro-maīnigther in gein, ZCP xii 273.34 . mōenigfid sini sceo ōclach (óglęcha, v.l.) 'he will enrich old and young' ZCP ix 452 § 20 , Ériu xxxvi 206 .

(b) increases : is tre ḟír flaitheman ad-mlechti márbóis -moínigter it is through the justice of the ruler that milk-yields of great cattle are increased AM 6 § 18 . cach bec nō cech mór nomuinichither di cech rét etir locc ┐ ēdach ┐ dig ┐ bīad, rop de forcongrai tsenōra a comairlecad 'whatsoever little or much you increase (your store) of everything, including dwelling place (?) and clothing and drink and food …' ZCP iii 29.1 (Regula Choluimb Chille) , Ériu xxxvi 204 .

(c) fattens, feeds, pastures (of livestock): cuich in mait ro mainighis .i. cuich in muc ro leasaighis, O'Dav. § 1241 . cethraimthe cach mairt mainighther coland i(n) sleib 'whose flesh is fattened on a mountain' CIH i 58.15 , Ériu xxxvi 205 . mochen mata moaigther | do na mainigther maid, Ériu vii 199 § 8 = do nach moaigther miad, 6 § 8 . vn. do cach mainiugad (.i. beodilib ┐ mairbdilib), do cach lesugad (.i. do biud ┐ coimiteacht), Laws iii 22.8 ; 'enrichment' Ériu xxxvi 203 . mad radrachus is mes mairt fuirre in cedbliadhain . . . ar ni frithṡailter a mainiugadh iar sin, H 3.18 p. 435 a ( O'Curry 1039 ) = maoiniugad, 446b ( O'Curry 1099 ); 'her increase is not expected' Ériu xxxvi 206 . ro gab go mend mainigad, ZCP vii 309.9 ; 'stammering (or manifest ?) falsehood has begun to increase' Ériu xxxvi 204 . But muiniughadh .i. sealbhughadh, O'Cl. may be meant for this word.