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Forms: cenmithá, cenm, cinmothā, genmothá, cenmothát, cenmibí, cenmobi, cenmorobai, cenmo, cenmothá, cenmothá, cenmotha, genmothá, -át, cenmóthát

Compd. of cen and -tá (see attá) used as prep. and conjunction. See GOI § 775 . In O. Ir. usually cenmithá ( cenmathá, Wb. 33a4 , Sg. 56b13 , 71b17 ; cenm, 201b18 ). cinmothā, Ériu i 124.10 . In later lang. also genmothá. With pl. ending cenmothát (cenmthat disyll., SR 399 ). Rarely with other forms of subst. vb.: cenmibí, Ériu vii 148 § 8 . cenmobi, YBL 140b1 . cenmorobai, Ériu vii 164.11 . cenmo bui, TFerbe 27 . The general rule for all periods of the language is that the form cenmothá etc. is folld. by accus. (sg. and pl.), exceptions being rare. Cf. cenmothá na .uii. claidseo, SM Facs. 18a8 (emended to cladu-so, Ériu xvii 72 § 14 ). cenmotha dias, RC xxiv 200.15 . genmothá somh besides him, AFM iv 864.1 . See GOI Translator's Notes no. 169 . The pl. form in -át is folld. by the nom. pl. (early exx. being Ériu xiii 18.13 , SR 399 , 3421 ) or stands by itself: cenmóthát besides them, AFM iii 126.9 . See also ZCP xxviii 125 - 6 .

As prep. (a) apart from, besides, in addition to: céin motha .i. leath amuigh no a bfhégmhuis, O'Cl. genmotha .i. anegmais, Lec. Gl. 11 . cenmitha innadeitched gl. praeter . . . detestationem, Ml. 103a7 . cenmithá aní-siu gl. quod est alium mandatum, Wb. 6a25 . cenmithá anisin `besides this', gl. si quid aliter sapitis, 24a18 . cenmithá innahí asrubart gl. praeterea, Sg. 21b10 . cenmathá inna hí asrubart gl. cetera quoque omnia, 56b13 . c.¤ in pennait gl. comdire cac deoradh de fri ri[g] ┐ espoc `apart from the "penance" [in addition]', BCrólige 4 gl.2 . leath ┐ octmhadh ig fir ín craind, ┐ leath genmotha octmadh ig fir na mbeach, Laws iv 184.5 . cenmothá fossu without counting servants (in list), TBC-I¹ 162 . cenmotha ind aes ṅdedenaig, Rawl. 69a15 . cenmothat doine do marbad in addition to killing people, AU ii 156.x . amaille re leabhroibh gabhála . . . oile gen mó táid sin, MS. Mat. 556.2 . cenmothát na secht ríg, ZCP viii 326.6 . chriathrastair na criocha . . . genmothat na dúine, Hugh Roe² 170.23 .

(b) After generalizations, negations, etc. except, but (often equivalent of acht): cenmitha inso gl. excepto hoc, Ml. 92a10 . cenmithá étrad gl. omne peccatum . . . extra corpus est: qui autem fornicatur, in corpus suum peccat, Wb. 9d7 . cenmithá .f. gl. caeteris . . . consonantibus, Sg. 24b3 . cenmithá in consoin gl. reliquam partem, 58b7 . olchenae cenmithá unus , 211a2 . cenmothát tríar, LU 4086 . geinmothá osgar amhrois, Sitzungsb. Pr. Akad. 1919, 92 § 9 . ní maith sil Ḟergusa cenmotha oen except for one man, RC xxiv 194.13 . genmo 'táid Connachtaigh namá, ML 60.2 . ceinmotha isi, ACL iii 308.11 . a huiledeto genmotha inni rothormachtatar filid `the whole of it except what poets added', Auraic. 21 . Ard Macha do loscadh . . . cona durthigib uile cenmotha in teach screbtra nama, RC xvii 358.26 (Tig.). In the follg. acht would normally be required: ni raibhe Seaan cenmotha móirṡeiser was accompanied only by seven, AFM iv 882.18 . ní raibhe lá T. cén mo thá fiche long, ii 1056.22 .

As conj. confined to O. Ir. glosses, where it may be folld. either by principal clause or by a nasalizing rel. clause, see GOI 551 . cenmitha as n-áith `besides that it is sharp', Ml. 72b15 . cenmithá ara-necatar coitchena in or dano gl. praeterea communia . . . , Sg. 65a11 . cenmitha fodailter ind rann insce, 3b15 .