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n (? 1 cern + 4 dubán)

fothond .i. muclaithe, īarsindī bīs fo thuind amail in cerndubhān , Corm. Y 662 ; 'from that which is under the surface of the ground like a beetle' Studi Celtici iv 237 .

cen ḟoche, cen chernuban, acht beich . . . Temhrach, Airne F. 343 ( cearnudhbháin, 23 N 4, 163.11 ). cuirfe mé chérnabháin romhad hornets, Exodus xxiii 28 . do chuir mé an ceárnabhan romhuibh, Joshua xxiv 12 .


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n f.¤ .i. muclaithe iarsindi bis fo thuind amail in cerndubhān, ut dixit Fer Mumhan: rucht fothuind ..., Corm. Y 662 . Meyer Bruchst. § 157 suggests a sow's lair (muclaithe = muclaige). Name of some aquatic or burrowing animal ? but fothuind may be an adj. descriptive of some kind of sound; see fothuind below and Studi Celtici iv 238-39 .


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Forms: muclaige

n (compd. of muc(c)?) some kind of (aquatic or burrowing?) animal? fothond .i. m.¤ iarsindi bis fo thuind amail in cerndubhan , Corm. Y 662 (perhaps g s.). Meyer, Bruchst. i § 157 , suggests reading muclaige = pig-lair . ? For *mucclaide pig-rooting Studi Celtici iv 238 .