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n see Pedersen Vgl. Gr. i 77.24 . Expld. as necklet, neckband, apparently consisting of or decorated with beads of precious stone and circular in shape: b.¤ dano cach nderg. b.¤ in tan is do chuimriuch brāget is nomen is dona mellaib dracondaib is diles when it refers to the binding of the neck it refers properly to the balls of dragon-stone (?), Corm. Y 132. See below. b.¤ a fascia (fasciae, MS.), O'Mulc. 127a. Apparently adjectival in b.¤ , cruinn `round', Eg. Gl. 758 (cf. O'Cl. below).

Compds. ¤airm circular place: b.¤ a circle , Eg. Gl. 752. baiscmell necklace of round beads: cona b.¤ fo brágait forsa rabātar secht mill ┐ secht fichet mell do smeruib mucc mugdornd `with a necklace', MacCongl. 122.36 (perh. to be read as basc mell). Note also: baiscmhall (leg. baiscmell) .i. cruinnmheal, O'Cl.


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n u, m. (comét vn. of con-eim, see Pedersen Vgl. Gr. § 712 , cf. also § 789 ).

(a) the act of guarding, watching over (for the purpose of protecting, or preventing escape): Trans. faill ... cen imcomet cimeda `neglect in not guarding a captive,' Laws iii 498.4 . cen imcomet aesa sruith, 510.1 . mas tré faill imcoiméta in aiti dechsad amudha, ii 162.11 Comm. fer ... occa n-imchomuet ar na erlat a saithe (of bees), iv 172.14 . dligid ēcconn imchoimét, ZCP vi 261.22 . dodechaid senóir tairise leis o German fria imchomet ┐ fria thestus, Lat. Lives § 1. dús in bad imchomet (comet v.l.) ind ríg bád dethiten dóib, RC xxii 317 § 147 (BDD). gen na sainti ... is carcar du imchomet is slabrad du chuimriuch `a dungeon to keep,' Ériu vii 152.16 . lan do buaib ... gan nech ... aga n-imcoimet, Aen. 110. lucht iomchoimheda na criche `the guards,' AFM iv 698.8 . protection? guardianship? : cinniss ... in t-airget anmhain ag imchoimhēt in tsrotha `blocking the torrent' (? under the protection of the torrent), Fl. Earls 88.3 .

(b) a guard, a covering: iomat ... d' ainglibh ... d' fhiadhnaisi ┐ d' iomcoimhet fora écc ┐ fora adhnacal, BNnÉ 274.5 . ro chuir Ua Néill iomcoimhéd for an mbaile `laid seige to,' AFM vi 2058.14 . imcoimed do línigh logha uimpi, Acall. 3349 v.l. dorat buille don dara hae dib ... corotesc an imcoimet iarnaidi poi ima cend, D IV 2, 44ra33 .

(c) the act of keeping watch over (to prevent wrong-doing on the part of the person watched): ni raibhi cathair dhībh gan drong do míledhuib ... oca himcoimet ar omhun a himpódh fair, Marco P. § 138. ro toghsat ... lucht fiadhnuise ... do imcoimed na cluidhcedh ... gin guforgell do lecan do denum doibh, Stair Erc. 150.

(d) the act of guarding or preserving (tradition): tidnucul atai in glefisa dia imcoimet, Laws i 36.28 Comm. baoi do dhuthracht im dhalaibh Erenn do iomchoimheud ag na seanchaidhibh, MS. Mat. 576.32 .

(e) watchfulness: is coir dó imecla ┐ faitchius ┐ rá-imchomét, PH 4115.