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airdam (dom) Variously applied to any extraneous building attached to a larger one, vestibule, porch, etc.; subsidiary church
andóin church
1 andóit , church having a special connection with a patron saint and from which others have been founded; In extended sense of church lands or tenants of same
1 ard 1Of objects not in contact with ground high; high above ground, elevated, lofty; Of a tree tall; deep(?); high sea, ocean; Of sounds loud; Of rank or superior quality noble, dist- inguished; one of the grades of nobility; Of foundations, institutions etc.; great, extensive(?); proud; difficult, laborious, arduous 2high place, height; over-king; chief princes; chief abbot; archbishop; haughtiness; judgement, estimate; chief church; having a lofty head; breast-work, rampart; superior power; high kingship
4 ba(i)slec church
bennachaid 1 blesses; consecrates a church , etc.; greets, hails, salutes 2Of a cleric exercises ecclesiastical functions
cell 1 church , but in a number of exx. clearly ref. to monastic settlement or foundation, collection of ecclesiastical buildings 2 sanctuary; churchyard, graveyard; sacrilege
cillén little church , cell
crésine piety, religion; church
cros 1 cross as relig. symbol: 2Of various cross-shaped objects; cross-roads; transept; cross-guard; hilt; completely 3Transfd. prohibition; hindrance. Orig. of the actual placing of a cross on a road 4 affliction
dam-liac a stone house, a stone church
dán 1A gift, bestowal, endowment, present; gifts given to the Church , its goods; a gift from man to God, a spiritual offering; often in connection with idpart or de- pendent on adopair; a divine gift to man from God or the Holy Ghost, a Christian virtue looked upon as an emanation from the Holy Ghost; a natural endowment, faculty, ability or talent, ingenium 2 Skill in applying the principles of a special science; science; skill applied to the material or subject-matter of art; artistic faculty, art; especially the poetic faculty; the art of poetry; , esp. poets 3A poem, song, verse, rhyme; an ode, poem, lay, song or ditty; hymn.; in verse; the name of a metrical system used by the Irish4An industrial pursuit of a skilled nature; a craft, trade, business, office, calling, profession 5A profession as represented by its practisers col- lectively; the members of a trade as a body; captives, prisoners 6An occupation, function, business; an allotted task 7To give in payment; a payment; pro- fession 8 destined to, in store for; espec. destined by fate, fated, allotted; fate, destiny; oppose together, be on the same side against
dom, dam House, home; home; stone house, stone church
domnach 1 Sunday, the Lord's day; dominical letter; Whitsunday (Pentecost); Palm Sunday; Sunday preceding Lent 2 church 3Name of a shrine or gospel-case (so called from fancied resemblance to a church?); Name of a brake or thicket; Sabbath-breaker
dorsaid doorkeeper, warden; Of official in a church
durthach foundation; foundation, cell, hut, cabin, church or temple
eclais, eclas 1 the Christian church as an institution,; a cleric; cleric, clergyman 2a local church or com- munity of believers; a unit of ecclesiastical organization; a daughter-church or monastery (?); a monastery entitled to full honour-price 3 clergy 4a church , a building for worship; Of the Tabernacle; a church town
eclasda 1belonging to the church , ecclesi- astical 2 pious, religious
érlam 1 Patronage, tutelage (?) 2 patron saint; patron or founder (of a church or monastery); a saint, holy man; a patron or founder, in general (?); A tutelar, tutelary spirit, deity (?)
1 fás 1 uninhabited; Barren, sterile 2 empty, vain, futile; invalid
1 fót 1 a sod (of earth), a clod 2 a spot of earth (of a small and definite place) 3 soil, land, territory 4a sod of gore, a scene of carnage; land of bewilderment (?); a spot apart; `sod on altar,' land given to the church 5a lump, mass, heap
frestal 1 receiving (as a guest), meeting, welcoming 2 waiting on, ministering to, serving (freq. of supplying physical wants); Hence ration, supply; fill; Of serving at table; Of handling tools, etc.; attending to; Attendance, service; attendants; With gen. of thing supplying, furnishing; entertainment 3transf. of serving a church , office, etc. 4to join battle 5hence in hostile sense responding to (an attack or opponent), encountering, coping with; opposition 6 in preparation for; anticipating; in prospect of 7by extension matching, keeping up with, being equal to
2 imdae 1a compartment or cubicle in the large hall containing a couch or couches for sleeping. `an apartment in a great house or palace,'2a bed, couch; Of a bird's nest; Of a serpent's lair; Of an ass's stable; Of the source of a spring; ? Of the cover of a spear 3Fig. grave, tomb 4an abode or resting-place in general 5 imda Ciarain, the name of a church at Clonmacnoise
2 lann 1 land, ground, plot 2 house, building, especially church
1 manach 1a monk 2as legal term, a tenant of church-lands 3a kenning for a bee; a humorous kenning for broth or stew
meirdrech, meirtrech A harlot, prostitute; impure; Of a heretic church; a brothel
1 min 1 shattered, pulverized; As epithet of endearment; minutely 2a petty river; small pieces; tender age, minority; flour- cakes; small (? broken) bread; flour.; a petty gift; small fragments (coll.); trivial matters; little Easter, Low Sunday; mincing: of mastication; confession of minor sins; fragments (coll.); small wood, chips; a small fly, midge; a trifling matter?; relic-case; small assembly; petty troop; fine wine-lees; small folk, inferior people (? children); minute work, ornamen- tation; a small church; a small bird; Name of a plant; meadow saxifrage; a minor prophet; minute observation; a petty chief; a minor offence; a petty theft; cutting small, mincing; a rivulet; small means; a small article or utensil; a small fish; small fish, small fry; a small vessel; a small ship, boat; a little bit, morsel; a venial sin; a trifling point or matter; a small part; minor parts (of speech); division into small parts; a small star; a petty king; a petty skirmish; a small rock; bits, fragments, hash (coll.); trinkets; chainlets; a small stream; a small hearth (sign of inhospitality);; minor authors; small-ribbed, puny?; finely spotted; crushed small; weak-eyed; pulverizes, smashes; crushes small
noíb 1 holy, sacred, pertaining to a saint or the Church; a holy creature; holy champion; a holy virgin; blasphemy
nóit a church
reiclés 1an oratory or small church; a monastic cell; ? In annals, a small conventual reliquary church; Ecclesiastical enclosure, subsiduary enclosure within a larger settlement2a tomb
1 saíre 1 freedom, liberty; nobility (of race, character, etc.) 2 privileges, immunity, etc., enjoyed by members of the free classes, churches, etc.; exemption, period of exemption 3 holy day, saint's day, church festival, holiday
scolóc 1 scholar, pupil, student 2 disciple, follower, servant 3 youth, lad 4 tenant of ( church ) land, farmer
seirbís 1the service (of God, of a ruler) 2 service, ministration, piece of work; profit, advantage; (military) service 3a church service
tabernacuil 1a tent, booth, hut; meeting- place 2(Feast of) Taber- nacles; God's dwelling, heaven; the tabernacle of the Jews (containing the Ark); a temple (Jewish); a shrine, tabernacle, canopied erection in a church; Of a chapel in a church
tech, teg 1 house, dwelling; makes submission to 2 householder; household; general charac- teristics, building materials, etc.; a state of darkness, ignorance; a wicker-work house; a burning house; abbots' house; armoury; privy; church; bell-tower; common house (in a monastery); dovecote; courthouse; lecture-room; bath-house; smithy; infirmary; house of the hostages (at Tara, etc.); Tara; meeting-house, reception-house; privy (?); drinking-hall; dormitory; dormitory; brothel; banqueting-hall; principal building; palace; guest-house; drinking-hall, banqueting-house; inn, hostelry; infirmary; penitentiary (in a monastery); palace; refectory; treasury, a place where valuables are kept; library (of a monastic settlement); ancestral home; oven-house; underground chamber, vault, dungeon; a house of refuge; blockhouse; farmhouse (?); oratory 3an enclosed passage; Of heaven; hell; the Seven Mansions; family, line 4 inside; home; at home; from home; from door to door; dwelling with, together with
tegdais 1 house, dwelling, mansion; palaces; Metaph. of the system of literary rank 2 tabernacle, church; mausoleum (?); room, apartment; dining-rooms; study; Of heaven and hell; apostolic seat, see; Med. of bodily organs; Of the joints of the fingers used to find the days of the week on which Saints' Days fall; ship, part of a ship (?)
tempul 1 temple (in biblical and classical sense) 2Of human beings, the human body (the bibl. meta- phor) 3 church; chapel; cathedral
termonn 1the lands of a church or monastic settlement within which rights of sanctuary prevailed; precinct; hermitage; chapel 2 sanctuary, refuge, safe place in general 3In abstr. sense sanctuary, refuge, protection, safeguard; immunity (?)4 boundary
termonnach tenant of church land, termoner