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2 áes People, folk, those who, etc.; the wicked; the imperfect folk; of the poor; the righteous; of perfect folk; of sickly persons; the blind; of the saints; the young; superiors; members of an assembly; sojourners; penitents; friends; prisoners; allies, partners; co-operators, fellow-workmen; sleepers; the watchers; ecclesiastics; retainers, counsellors; messengers; actual perpetrators; personal retainers; the passers-by; from the laity; Esp. to denote an occupation or calling; craftsmen or poets; poets; artists, poets; favourites, confidants, etc.; Folld by gen. of a place-name; the Baby- lonians
1 co 1 to, till, as far as 2 since, hence
2 co 1 (together) with, accom- panied by, and 2With nouns indicating objects with, having, carrying, etc. 3With nouns of less concrete meaning (together) with, provided with, and 4Of instrument with, by means of, through
3 co 1 so that, and (consecutive) 2In quantitative contexts (to the extent) that, (so much so) that 3 until 4 that 5 so that, in order that.
4 co how?
comaltar co-fosterage, joint responsibility for fosterage
comaltas fosterbrotherhood, (intimate) friend- ship; co-fosterage; co-fosterage
comaltram 1 joint (responsibility for) rearing; sharing in fosterage 2 co-fosterage
comar ploughing together, co-tillage, ploughing partnership; partnership, match, union
comeiséirge co-resurrection
comgním joint action, co-operation; (equal) prowess; co-operation
comgnímrad joint actions, co-operation; fellow-labourers; accomplices
comingelt co-grazing
comláithre `the position of a comláthar, the being an accessory or accom- plice; accompliceship; composition(?); co-responsibility; guilt by association
comoibrigid co-operates
comoibriugad co- operating
comoigre co-heir
comopred co-operation
comthomus co-estimation, assessment
con-fodaim co-endures
fris-gair, -frecair 1 answers, replies 2 answers (to), corresponds (to), is analogous (with), with DO; Counterbalances 3 answers, responds to, meets (a challenge, combat, etc. or an enemy).4 answers, responds to (a summons, call, duty, etc.), obeys; co-operate with; With acc. of pers. answers (the call of), comes (at the summons of); ? respond 5 answers for, on behalf of; comes to the aid of:
frithoide a co-tutor or sub-tutor, instructor (cf. frithmuime)
imchongnam mutual aid, co-operation
muiresc a low-lying coast-land, a sea-board; Esp. a maritime district in Co. Mayo (mod. barony of Murrisk)
no co , na co , nó co until; unless; until
óen 1 one; one, a single; only; unique, without equal, peerless; the same; in one place, together; with one voice, unanimously; on one path = to- gether; (lit. `of one profession') united, in concert; in co-operation, in concert; simultaneously; together; simultaneously; (= as) 2 one, an individual; the One im- passible, invisible; any one 3 together, at the same time (with); together (with) 4 one- horned; a unicorn; one-legged (-footed); one- hoofed; only child or descendant; Also of any propertyless man of the fer midboth grade, even if he had kin,; one-footed; a rider; a particular place
oentu 1 oneness, unity; In moral sense, concord; agreement, correspondence; to unite 2 association, fellowship, alliance 3often of a covenant between two saints or heads of religious foundations 4 consent, co-operation, participation 5