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Forms: coinnfe, cuinfe, coindme

adj io, iā. Also coinnfe, cuinfe, coindme. proper, fitting : it huissi no it cointfi gl. digni sunt morte, Wb. 1c7 . ba coinnfe do iosa, Blathm. 17 . ni bu coinnfe chobhfola (of Jews' treatment of Christ), 44 . miadh contfe ar cach `proper honour', Laws iv 344.15 Comm. ba coindme a comrac, LU 6060 = contine, TBC-I¹ 1588 . As subst.: fo coibne . . . coinnfi on ceill sin no commaith, O'Dav. 473 . do renur coindfe(d) collu cochta cernad, O'D. 2205 (Nero A 7, 142a) `properly paid for are men's faces', O'Dav. 346 . direnar cach dúil dia coindfi fadéisin, O'D. 1375 (E iii 52, 26a) cited O'Curry 1422 ( H 3.18, 639a ) `according to its own propriety', O'Dav. ibid.

Cf. cuinnisem .i. c.¤ arisma .i. dún co trebaibh, O'Curry 93 ( H 3.18, 66b ). ? conn . . . a quo cond condfæ . . ., O'Mulc. 236 .


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x see coindfe .


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n (aicned) the same nature, common nature : ar in c.¤ ṅdoenda ro thecht = quia homo est, PH 6038 . Freq. g s. preceded by poss. pron. as qualifier: mairid in set . . .no, cen co mairend, mairid set a comaicinta `of the same kind', Laws v 504.10 Comm. uir mín a comaicínta, iv 86.21 Comm. (of making good the damage done by the trampling of cattle). ferthain cneidi a comaicenta air, iii 106.1 Comm. do thiarmorthaib a comaicinta `to the descendants of his own race', v 234.2 Comm. Cf. set dia colain .i. dia comaicinta budein (of a vessel given in pledge), v 410.12 Comm. Cf. coindfe .i. comaicinta, ut est. Dorenar cach duil dia choinnfe fadéisin .i. eirnither cach duil dia comaiccinta buidein, O'Curry 1422 ( H 3.18, 639a ).


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x see coindfe .


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x see coindfe .