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x see cuisil.


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n (We. loanword, O'Don. Suppl.). Also coisil , if this is not a difft. borrowing. counsel : c.¤ .i. combrec indsin [We. cusyl, cusul] ┐ laiten rotruaillned and .i. quasi consil ab eo quod est consilium. inde dicitur is as no ar do ch.¤ darónad, Corm. 14 . Corm. Y 327 . coisil .i. consílium, ut est nī rath a coisil , O'Mulc. 244 . ? ed doscoisich ní fo cossail (Meyer takes as fō coisil , ZCP xi 153 ) cesacht glegrach, Anecd. i 59 § 73 (ICM). ? Cf. do chomḟegad a cusaile `to view its indications', MR 114.23 . ? ó nirt a cumisel (sic), ZCP iv 242.4 = cumuchtai, Ériu iii 2.15 .


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Forms: dodtoisged

v (cf. 1 taiscid) keeps, preserves: tocoiscid .i. taiscid, ut est tocoisigh T. minn óir .i. ata oca taisced, O'Dav. 1563 . do neoch dotcossaid biadh .i. teguscas biad do, 418 . docoiset .i. do theacaisceadh, ut est, sesedh loighe in lesa docoised, O'Curry 569 ( H 3.18 284 ). doberar flaith nime dontí lasa legthar ┐ notlega ┐ dotocossig innech bis icon legad who watches over, LB 12a32 ( Trans. RIA xxiv 214.11 ). torad a laam ished dodcoisged (? leg. dodtoisged, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 609 ) that used to support him, Wb. 9a6 . mionn n-oir bis for cionn ind rig. Iss ann docoisigar it is there it is kept, RC x 218 § 8 . docosechtatár diúrad in biid they stored up the leavings of the food, ix 478 . ma duscoisis . . . ní bo cres nach cinēl duit, Fianaig. 16.8 . ? docoissecht (dochoiseat, v.l., gl. .i. doronta) esstadae indib do foichill na plagae were reserved, set apart (?), ZCP iii 243 ( Tochm. Em. 45 ). ed doschoisich ní fo cossail | cesacht glegrach, Anecd. i 59 § 73 = ed docoisig: nī fo coisil , ZCP xi 153 . See do-foscai.