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? coimmilg

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n la siail cen nach cermnas c.¤ coich bō bithī . . ., Corm. Y 1052 = comilc, Corm. 35 . Cf. combolg .

? combolg

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n udmat .i. udamnad .i. crand forsincetra condhamnaigter amuide a c.¤ indsin, Corm. 43 = a n-ude i comulg, Corm. Y 1268 = anúdeicumuṅg, Corm. 45 .

? comulg

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n udmad .i. ud ┐ damnad .i. crand ar līas .i. gobung gaibther for sin crand co ndamnaites a n-ude i c.¤ , Corm. Y 1268 ( combolg , comuṅg, v.l.).


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ind udmad .i. ud ┐ damnad .i. crand ar līas .i. gobung (v.l. gobenn) gaibther forsin crand (v.l. cethra, cethre) co ndamnaiter a n-ude i comulg (v.l. amuide a combolg indsin; anúde i cumuṅg), Corm. Y 1268 .

ude ?

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ind gobung gaibther forsin crand (cethra v.l.) co ndamnaiter a n-ude (amuide v.l.) i comulg (a combolg, i cumung v.l.), Corm. Y 1268 .


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Forms: udhmadh, udhmadh, udhmadh, udhmadh

(vn. of denom. vb. *udmaid, Pl. Cf. ug(a)maigid). closing with an `uidim'; `a wooden clog or hobble (?),' Plummer, Ériu x 118 . udmat .i. udamnad .i. crand forsin cetra co ndamnaigter amuide a combolg indsin, Thr. Ir. Gl. p. 43 = udmad .i. ud ┐ damnad .i. crand ar līas .i. gobung (v.l. gobenn) gaibther forsin crand (v.l. cethra), co ndamnaiter a n-ude (v.l. amuide) i comulg (v.l. a combolg, i cumuṅg), Corm. Y 1268 . udim .i. nomen dond rōi triasa tēit in crand bīs forsin clēith ocon udmad nō occa dūnad, 1269 . udhmadh .i. dúnadh `an enclosure ,' O'Cl. udhmadh .i. ainm don ré ghadraigh trésa ttéid an crann bhios ar an gcléith ag dúnadh ar na ceathraibh, no ar an áirnéis, O'Cl. udhmadh .i. dúnadh `a closing fastening or securing; also to close fasten secure,' P. O'C. udhmadh `a writhe band one end of which is fastened to a hurdle of rods with a wooden bar through the other end for securing cattle in their enclosure,' ib.