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vn. of comdlútha(ig)id. act of compressing, consolidating : tre chomdlúthad gl. per sineresin (gramm.), Sg. 117b1 . 118b3 . a clarad ┐ a comdlutad (of the Temple), BB 241b28 . teaghdhaisi treabar-dhaingne do c[h]omdlūthugadh, ML² 82 . a comdhluthadh `it's binding together' (of alphabet), Auraic. 1021 . do chomhdhluthugadh a g-cairdeasa re reimheas na rignaide rempa to unite, MR 86.10 . Cf. nacomdluta gl. compaginum, Gild. Lor. 233 . roscailset a comdluta `they sprang leaks' (of ships), Aen. 258 .