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íarcomarc, íarcomrac

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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: iarcomarc, iarcomairc, iarcomruc, nniarcomrucc

n o, m. n s. iarcomarc bairdne, Auraic. 1588. g s. in iarcomairc , IT iii 30.4 . d s. d'iarcomruc , Auraic. 1936. i nniarcomrucc , IT iii 11.2 .

Grammatical and prosodical term.

(a) a trisyllable, a word or verse containing three syllables (see IT iii 129.16 ff. ): dialt ┐ recomrac ┐ iarcomrac... Oenfidh airegda i ndialt, a da i recomrac, a tri i n-iarcomrac `one principal vowel in dialt ... three of them in iarcomrac,' Auraic. 1216. iarcomarc ... ut est coharfás, IT iii 48.12 . cen saebsuidhiugud dia It ic frecra d'iarcomruc `without wrongly placing single syllables to answer as a trisyllabic word,' Auraic. 1936. i nniarcomrucc ... forcenda ollbairdne ollbairdne ends in a trisyllable, IT iii 11.2 . iarcomrac .i. iarum comraigit .i. ... comrac na tri sillab forsna da sillabaib tuisecha, Auraic. 1419. iarcomarc .i. ainm in tress dēich .i. īar-comrucud īarsin comruc tōisech, ut Corbmacān, Corm. Y 447.12 . Debide Gairet Cetharcubaid: idon, cethri [tri] claidemni ┐ iarcomarc in cach haei `3 hepta-syllabics and a trisyllabic in each of them,' Todd Lect. iii 138.19 .

(b) the conclusion of a poem, the concluding word (which must repeat or re-echo the first word) often containing dedication to subject(s) other than the patron to whom the poem is addressed Éigse xxvii 59 : iargcoumarc, tretsillaebach, Auraic. 3865. cach iarcomarc is gloir glan `every concluding word, it is a pure glory,' 2213 . ar in iarcomarc n-imslan `for the complete conclusion,' 2210 . co rap isind iarcomarc in focul tusech, am rongabh lasin filid `Donnchad dianfich domun' ┐ rl. .i. co rob `donnchad' risin fordunad, IT iii 29.24 . índsma in iarcomairc isin tsillaib tuisig, 30.4 . iarcomairc sen `that belongs to the end of the line (?),' Thes. ii 331.40 . rann iarcomairc uaim d' Ú Chaoimh `my final stanza,' A. Ó Dálaigh lii § 51 . See IT iii 120.23 ff.