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vn. of con-toí.

(a) act of turning, returning : ar comthod-ni asin doiri `to turn us from the captivity', Ml. 111a5 . do chumtúth a sóere gl. pro libertate, perh. to bring about (cf. cotoüd), Sg. 31b8 (see note).

(b) As calque of Lat. apostrophe: in comthoud talmaidech gl. apostrofam `a sudden turning', Ml. 20a16 . in comthod talmaidech asber inna diad `the sudden turn of his words afterwards', 53c14 . tre chomthoud talmaidech, Sg. 162a4 .

(c) act of changing (a letter): cen a chomthóud .d. `without the change of d', Sg. 23a1 . a comthoud in .r. `its conversion into r', 23b7 . ni fil c.¤ and `there is no mutation therein', 52b1 . comtoth consan, BB 329b46 .

(d) conversion (relig.): comthoth L. co cretim (title of a tale), LU 9732 . Maria Magdalena . . . feil a comthaithe co h[i]ris Crist ` conversion ', Fél. 102.2 = féil a comṡóite, Fél.2 lxv § 28. fircomtúd `true conversion', Mon. Tall. 148.11 . grés fri procept . . . / do chuindriuch (comtudh, v.l.) cach aein, ACL iii 317 § 57 .