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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: cridi, cómhghuin

(see guin) later with com-; vn. of con-goin (cf. Lat. compunctio, contritio) in relig. contexts compunction, con- trition (usu. with follg. g s. cridi): á c.¤ chridi gl. aculeum doloris, Ml. 32c11 . cen chongain cridi gl. inpunitate cordis, 90d10 . a c.¤ bís foraib gl. expunctio, 23a5 . c.¤ .i. doilgitis, Trip.² 247 . ardaigh congaine cridhe, RC xxv 396.14 . cungain cride i n-a peacoibh, Fl. Earls 218.11 . le cona-ghain croidhe `gnawing of heart', Ó Bruad. ii 170.4 . tugais dhigh d'fhíon na comhghoine = vino compunctionis, TSh. 6106 . cómhghuin, De Imit. 4.12 . More generally: c.¤ dligid hua dligud ailiu (ref. to repunxi) `violation', Sg. 181a8 . congain comail, UR 114 § 24 . congon cuibsi, ACL iii 294 § 8 . In literal sense: immrubai .i. cumgona, O'Curry 1297 ( H 3.18, 539a ). ag comhghuin a c[h]nis rending, BS 22.y .