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n (suilge): cuifre .i. conircli nó comsuilge gentleness , O'Mulc. 264 = O'Curry 92 ( H 3.18, 66b ).

? cuipre

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n ni dlig nach inuitir mani doa c.¤ acht ni bis i m(b)iad a aireagais .i. muna tucthar do ara caradrad inni ara mbi a cuip unless it be [given] out of kindness (?), BCrólige 24 . c.¤ .i. lind, ut est mani tuca a c.¤ .i. mana tucthar ara caradra[d] do in ní ara mbi a cuip [.i.] in lind `ale', O'Dav. 427 . cuifre .i. connaircle no comsuilge ut dicitur muna s[a]m do a cuifre, O'Curry 92 ( H 3.18, 66 ). cuifre .i. conircli nó comsuilge ut dicitur: muna som dō [a cuifre .i.] a conaircli, O'Mulc. 264 . ? a cris c.¤ ┐ a dá ass (of a monk), O'Curry 22 ( H 3.18, 10a ).