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Forms: -uilius

n u, m. (cosmail). Also -uilius. See GOI 65 , 198 .

(a) likeness, similarity, resemblance : c.¤ gl. hec simulacio, Ir. Gl. 904 . cosmulius co n-écsamlus gl. quidem per hominem mors, ita et per hominem resurrectio mortuorum, Wb. 13b25 . cosmulius delbe gl. in similitudinem imaginis, 1b19 . treaccomol cosmilse foguir, Sg. 11b4 . co c.¤ crotha A. looking like A., LU 10756 ( cossmailes, TE 12 ). dúthaig dúind c.¤ (Jacob and Esau), Celtica iv 8.39 . do-ratsat a torad iar n-a c.¤ fen according to their own kind, PH 1258 . is mor . . . c.¤ na desi, TTebe 2679 . fritha gach da chosmuilius `everyone has his likeness', ZCP i 112.1 . cosmaileis an laoich sin the like, Cog. 200.6 . cosmailes sida `a semblance of peace', Ann. Conn. 1315.9 . cian ó chasmhaileas creidmhe that is far from true religion, A. Ó Dálaigh li 2 .

Freq. in phr. with prepp. orgain humaidi fo ch.¤ nadarcae gl. aerea corneaque, like a horn, Ml. 116c8 . fo ch.¤ liac, 131c9 . fo ch.¤ grec, Sg. 92a3 . 215b1 . fo ch.¤ C.C., LU 3260 ( SCC 5 ). foacosmailis nacha tegdasi, Hib. Min. 7.224 . fón c.¤ cétna in the same way, LL 37328 ( RC xiii 458.3 ). fo ch.¤ dofóirndet nomina numeri `even as the nouns of number denote (it)', Sg. 71b6 . fo ch.¤ tiagar dointinscitul gnímo, Ml. 15a2 . fo ch.¤ aringair recht gl. vicem legis implebit, 27c21 . fo ch.¤ dundrolgis don popul `even as Thou didst forgive the people', 46b29 . fo ch.¤ donemar ┐ daingnigther gl. ad instar tesauri, 51d8 . icosmuilius collno gl. in similitudinem carnis, Wb. 3d23 . a cosmailes tsacairt, Grail 2156 . i gcosmhaileas mhná S., TSh. 9362 . i gcosmhaileas do cuirthí / ris an naomh was compared, PBocht 20.17 . cuiridh . . . S.F. a gcosmhaileas risan bpatriarc N., Rial. S.F. 996 . do ch.¤ innaṅdobriathar gl. ad similitudinem, Sg. 188a18 . cosmailes innill . . . dó ┐ do chaisslēn Anuoeirp similar in arrangement . . . to, Fl. Earls 104.2 . in molt ┐ in torc ┐ cach c.¤ doib `everything like them', Laws v 444.30 Comm. cosmilius etarru hicétni persin, Sg. 163b6 . iartaidbsin achosmailsea frimmacc nimlisen gl. post pupillam, Ml. 39c22 . cosmulius indrechto fripersana et luccu `a comparison of the Law to persons and places', Wb. 20a7 . cosmilius fricechtar de, Sg. 188b5 . fo bith a chosmailiusa fris, LU 7336 .

(b) likeness, comparison, analogy, metaphor (mostly in O. Ir. glosses): cosmuilius roisc aní-siu les-som gl. videmus nunc per speculum, Wb. 12c10 . is suaichnid tra cid dia tuiced in cosmuilius cosse (viz. of the members and body of Christ), 12b12 . cosmilius ani siu gl. quis enim scit hominum quae sunt hominis, nisi spiritus hominis? `a similitude', 8b7 . intamlai ┐ chosmailsea `similes and comparisons', Ml. 51d5 . inc.¤ so sís gl. sicut, 32d6 . hochosmailsib gl. comparationibus, 51d4 . duthaidbsin in chosmailseo beus, 62a2 . c.¤ ┐ analach `similarity and analogy', Sg. 41b8 . a cosmailsib, iar fir from analogies (precedents ?), Laws i 144.21 . a testeamain, a c.¤ `analogy' (in list of sources of judgement), v 8.23 Comm. do bir in brethem c.¤ don chaingin (in gl. on 1 fásach), Corm. Y 611 .

See cosmailse.