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Last Revised: 2019


n earlier form of comméit, see O'Rahilly, Ériu xiii 147 (wrongly Hessen, ZCP ix 15 ) equal amount, equivalent . Freq. with prec. possess. a ch.¤ cétna the same amount, Corp. Gen. 87.30 . asbered a ch.¤ cetna the same was said, Cymmr. xiv 112.y . a chumut cetna da chele, IT iii 238.92 . a chumat dírech n-airidi the same amount for stripping a couch, Críth G. 228 . a cumat mblicht confodlaither etc., Laws ii 364.22 . forgab aoire a cumad, O'Curry 2258 ( Eg. 88, 19 (20)a ). ollam uasal eascup a chumut, O'D. 1748 (H. 2.16, 967 ). a cumut na sairse so `equivalent', Laws v 104.2 .i. a coimed, 6 Comm. a ccumat naile (a s.) another such, Hugh Roe² 128.11 . co fagbad ailic a cumat do cor for a lige . . . licc a cumat, BB 399b32 = ailech a chum[ḟ]at . . . licc a chomfat, Dinds. 91 . a chommut likewise, ZCP viii 309.24 . a chumut na hocht mbera aili (he did) the same with the other eight spits, LU 5730 (TBC). Note also: a chumbat cetna do mhuintir uí Dhomnaill `so too with O'D.'s people', Hugh Roe² 268.7 . Other uses: in cumat rothecht Cormac all that C. possessed, LL 15738 . iar caithim an comaid sin `after consuming so much as that', TTebe 1037 . ro rad . . . an ccomatt cedna as much again, AFM ii 1124.15 .