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1a do-érig 1 bares, strips; Of malt; paying com- pensation
1 de, di 1With intransitive verbs of motion, denoting departure, separation or moving away; arises from, stands up from; darts, springs forth from; removes from; went away, departed; springs from, descends from; springs forth, flows from, sprouts; falls; escapes from; comes; comes from; goes from; falls from; depart from; leaps from; parts with; separates from, parts with; departs from; ceases from; drips from; flees from; ebbs from; denoting removal, abstraction, expulsion, robbing from, &c.; wards off; sweeps off, casts out; takes off, cuts off from; wrenches, strips from; takes away from; steals from; gathers from; keeps from; keeps apart from; gains from; puts away from; removes, expels from; lowers; exacts (a tax) from; puts away, prevents from; cuts off; cuts off; leads from; removes; raises from; takes away from; takes off; keeps off from; lets go, throws, lets down; hunts; flays; throws from; sends; remove from; takes (away) from, keeps from; takes away from, lops off; steals from; clears away from, expels from; moves from; expels from; casts from; cuts off from; loosens from, releases from; sweeps or snatches away from; loosens from; takes off; transfers from; With verbs denoting salvation from, protection from, cure of; helps out of; rescues from; saves; saves from; After verbs denoting cleansing, clearing, purging, washing; cleanses from; With verbs denoting restraint, prevention or prohibi- tion; keeps back from; forbids; restrains from; hinders; restrains from; hinders; abjures; ceases from, rests from; re- vives from; becomes strong from; After verbs denoting surpassing, excelling; surpasses; surpasses, excels; prevails over, outstrips; In the construction of verbs denoting lack or want of; is wanting; remains, is left over; is left over, remains; After verbs and substantives denoting disgust, ab- horrence of; With verbs denoting buying from, receiving from; receives from; buys from; buys from; After verbs denoting asking, begging, demanding; inquires; begs; asks; After verbs denoting eating, drinking from; drinks from; drink from; sip from; eats; After verbs (words) denoting choice or selection out of a number or quantity.; has chosen; profits by, from; Expressing position with regard to, (north, south, &c.) of; denoting derivation, descent, source, starting-point or the like.; causes, effects; Expressing the origin or derivation of a name; name from; derived from; Indicating racial origin, descent; springs, descends from; is born from; of origin, descent, native place; of issue, consequence; makes a part of, belongs to; it follows, comes, results from; is because of; Indicating the material or substance of which anything is made or consists; is made of, consists of; builds up; creates, shapes; brings forth, creates; establishes; from without; on this side of; from the south; from yonder side; from above, de-super; (from the root) from the beginning, originally; from every side; from afar; from afar, of space; for long; away; this time, on this occasion, now; after; from near; at once, suddenly; on the spot; on the spot; hence, then 2 enjoins, commands; is victorious, wins; bids farewell; care; fearlessness, confidence; adheres to, cleaves to, follows; providence; provides for3denoting part or quantity; forms part of, belongs to; a better warrior; a tribe; a drove; a herd, a troop; a drop; a little; a bit; choice of; a spark; an equivalent; enough; a flock; a burden; a shower; the full of; number; sufficiency; quantity; much 4to make or to do; to seize; to beat, strike, ply upon, scourge; to cut, shear, clip; to break, to injure; to wound, to kill; to throw, fling; to drive, drive away, expel; to destroy; to bind; to write; to shut; conceals; disturbs; makes, does; aids, heals; illuminates; burns; adorns; support oneself by; by means of, by the power of; arbeir biuth he uses, consumes; smears; satiated, satisfied; satiates; supplying wants; serves, attends; from, by, in consequence of, according to; therefore, for that reason, consequently; for that, because, since, cf.; why; of, about, concern- ing; to die of, to be sick with; to reprimand for, take vengeance for; to beat one for sth.; to do penance for; to complain of; to be or become angry for; to be proud of, to boast of; to be envious or jealous of; to be thankful for; sad, mournful, tired, weary; thirst from; intoxicated; weak from; commiserates, has compassion on; for, during; at night; from afar; diligently; clearly, openly; usually, always; much; for the sake of, because of; with the consent of, of free will; over and above, in addition to; because of; according to the judgment; because of; with the permission of; away; on foot; from sorrow; because of; by the will of; by force; on horseback; willy- nilly; on my own account; by means of, in virtue of, on the score of; for fear; on account of the goodness or excellence of; in anger; in truth; in consequence of; abundantly, extra, in excess; through the oppression or tyranny of; in word or deed; continually, semper; for the honour of, under the protection of; in presence of, before; by rote, by heart; from hatred; by sea; ever; of one mind; at one birth; with one voice, unanimously; of one mind, intent; with one accord; together; with special aim, deliberately, exclusively; of one report, all together; according to; takes as a choice, chooses; for love; by land; on account of, owing to; on foot 5 THOUGHT, FEELING OR ACTION; of, concerning, with regard to, in reference to; is of, about; in subject-headings, titles of tales, chapters; speak, tell, preach, mention; asks, inquires; mention of; is called; sing of, write of; prophesy, prefigure; testify; instruct, teach; discuss, dissertate; blaspheme; hear, think, remember, forget; care for, provide for, be confident about, fear for; providence
1 do 1 to that end, for that purpose; In follg. in sense of Eng. as (lit. for the purpose of being, to serve as) 2 advises; praises; I am concerned with him, have to deal with him; I am angry with him, have something against him; why (does) he . . . ?; whence are ye?
2 do Thy, of thee
2 dó to him, it; thither
do-acairb roughens.
do-acca(i) refuses
do-accair 1 pleads, argues (used alike of defendant, advocate, judge, and plaintiff);; Disputes, argues 2 declares, tells (sense arising from that of a judicial pro- nouncement)
do-accrádi provokes, exaspe- rates.
do-acmaing 1 reaches (as far as), extends (to); traverses 2Trans. encompasses; includes, comprehends; is included, contained, finds room
do-adbat 1 shows, displays; demonstrates; Esp. of an author, etc., sets forth, declares, discloses:; In pass. is shown, revealed, hence in wider sense, appears; seems, appears 2Hence in active appears (of vision, apparition, or other sight).
do-aidbir displays, shows, applies, brings forward, offers; reveal, declare
do-aidlea 1 comes to, approaches, visits, touches
do-aig Drives off, drives away (in leg. phraseology almost = seizes); drives (goes) back (again); to and fro, hither and thither, vagrant; face to face
do-áinsea disparages, condemns
do-airbir 1In lit. sense, bends, bends down, lowers, inclines; subdues, abases, subjects: 2 Yields, gives, hands over, surrenders 3 consider (?)
do-airchain Foretells, prophesies;; portends
do-aircheil, do-airchel(l)a 1 Hides, withdraws, takes away 2 encompasses, comprises, includes, contains; Goes round, makes a circuit of; hems in, confines, hence transf. keeps in check, restrains, guards
do-airchomraicci heaps together, amasses, assembles
do-áirci 1In general sense causes, effects, induces, brings about, brings2 produces, brings forth 3 procures, gains, provides, supplies
do-airgair forbids, prevents
do-airgella gives pledges (for a thing)
do-airgni serves, is of use (to)
do-airicc 1 comes 2Hence finds, gets 3 comes to an end, is completed, finished, exhausted
do-airindi 1 lets down, lowers; Lays down, deposits; Transf. presses down, weighs down; bends oneself, bows; lowers, abates, subdues, humbles 2in lit. sense descends, comes down, alights, bends; sinks, abates, is lowered, humbled
do-airissedar 1 Stands, stays, remains; rests (is supported); Endures, persists; persists (in), continues (to); stands against, endures, etc. 2Hence exists, is, happens (to be); consists of (in) 3 comes to a stand, halts, stops, pauses
do-airling Leaps down, descends, alights
do-airmchella Surrounds, encompasses; Encloses, contains; Goes round, makes a circuit of; mustered
do-airmesca 1 hindered.2 hindered or frustrated; in later lang., esp. in sense prohibits
do-airmgert besought?
do-airndret runs about, roams over
do-airngir 1 promises 2 foretells, prophesies
do-airret, do-áirret 1 overtakes, comes up with, comes upon unawares, catches; Often in hostile sense attacks, falls on:; Of events, disasters, etc., comes upon, befalls:; reaches, comes to; catches, seizes, grasps; Catches, captures; finds; gets, attains to, secures; visits, avenges (an offence) on; lays, imposes a pledge, bond (on) 2Intrans. comes up, arrives; comes up with, overtakes, falls upon
do-aisféna Shows, exhibits, sets forth
do-aisicc restores, makes restitution
do-aissilbi 1 refers, ascribes, attributes, assigns (to), folld. by DO 2 presents, puts forward, sets forth; Hence in general sense shows, exhibits; represents
do-aithbeir takes back, takes away again (?)
do-aithbig 1 dissolves, breaks up, abrogates, annuls; In lit. sense, of breaking up earth, buildings, etc.
do-aithchren buys back, redeems.
do-aithchuiredar 1 returns 2Trans. puts back, sends back
do-aithḟéga considers, takes into account
do-aithig 1Trans. visits, goes to see, frequents 2In later lang. has recourse to, practises:
do-aithminedar Calls to mind, recalls, mentions
do-aitni 1 shines, is refulgent 2Hence appears, becomes visible or manifest 3 pleases, is congenial to
1 do-alla Takes away, steals, strips away, cuts off; loses hope, despairs of
2 do-alla 1 there is room for2in personal constr. fits, finds room (in), is contained (in)3 there is room for (on) him, i.e. it is possible for him
do-árlaid came, went to
do-armairt 1 intended, attempted, was about to; Hence was on the point of, was like to, was nearly; weighed ( i.e. intended?) or attempted
do-ascnai strives towards, comes to, approaches
do-atailci Fondles, caresses, pacifies
do-athaíra censures, finds fault with
do-aurchren fore-purchases, gives stock to, enfeoffs
do-autat, do-etat Comes (upon), catches, affronts, assails
do-ba Dies; becomes extinct, lapses; Esp. (of persons) dies without issue, (of families) becomes extinct; In general sense dies, perishes
do-bádi 1 drowns, extinguishes; quenches, destroys, exterminates 2Intrans. is extinguished, dies out, becomes extinct (freq. in genealogies, etc. of families, cf. díbaid)
do-beir 1 brings 2 gives; surrenders, gives up; gives battle; takes heed; gives in exchange for, pays for; makes for, attacks; of compensation or retribution); gives, gives away; gives out, gives away, dispenses; Of an author cites, adduces; yields, produces; utters, pronounces; promises, (swears); deceives; turns; trusts; takes in hand, sets about; spends; causes, brings about, effects; occurred; makes, renders, causes to be 3 Puts, places, sets; lays upon, confers on, imposes on, inflicts on (both in good and bad sense);; enjoins upon, compels, instigates; put on; brings, puts (into a state or condition); sends; give and put 4 Brings, leads; brings, deduces, traces (of a sequence, genealogy, etc.); brings down, humbles (mod.); brings up, rears, educates (mod.); well-educated 5 Gets, wins, takes; takes from; takes a wife, weds; wins, captures 6 makes for; falls on, attacks 7 comprehends, understands; perceives, observes, is aware of; observe, note , know (common in med. texts); perceives, knows (by looking at); knows (from), infers (from); thinks, opines, considers; means, signifies; understands (of), applies or refers to (freq. in pass.)
1 do-ben cuts away, takes away, deprives of, etc.
2 do-ben 1 strikes at, attacks, opposes; worsts, defeats 2 reproaches, taunts (with).3 says, declares (to) 4 measures by (as a standard), compares with (?)
do-berra shears.
do-bidci 1 shoots, casts, hurls 2With obj. of person or thing cast at pelts, shoots at, strikes 3 strikes from, cuts off, removes 4 moves quickly, starts up
do-boing 1 plucks, wrests, tears (away); breaks, strikes (off, away) 2 breaks 3 exacts, wrests (someth. fr. someone), usually with notion of force; and esp. exacts, levies, recovers (a fine or tribute);
do-brúchta gushes forth, breaks forth, pours forth
do-bruinn flows, trickles
do-bruiti pulls out a goad
do-búrethar bellows
1 do-cain 1 chants, recites (a spell, incantation or magic formula) 2 sings
2 do-cain sings
do-caithi spends, consumes
do-ceil 1 conceals 2 denies, refuses 3 covers, hence contains, possesses
do-cíallathar forgets, neglects, im- pairs (?)
do-cin fasts
do-cing steps, strides forward; advances, comes
do-claid 1 digs up, uproots; Of digging a grave; Hence pierces, transfixes 2 piles up (earth), trenches, constructs
do-coímthet accompanies
do-coisgedar follows
do-coisig keeps, preserves
do-coisli escapes, migrates, goes
do-coissin vb. of existence there is, there are
do-crecha 1 excogitates, devises, feigns 2 destroys
do-cren purchases
do-cuirethar 1 puts 2 invites.3 puts, deposits, places; deposits, produces, brings forth; have been set, planted round; throws, casts, sends; throws, i.e. makes a start, bound 4it puts me; I happen to be; lit. it puts me to (on, towards), hence I meet, come upon, come across; lit. it puts on me, hence it is incumbent on me, I must; they fall out, quarrel 5Of rest, condition 6denoting motion 7 meets, comes upon, falls in with8 encounters, opposes9 falls to the lot of, happens to, befalls 10 comes to pass, happens, takes place; there was 11 Invites, summons
do-cumlai sets out, proceeds; Of bees swarming; assaults, attacks (?)
do-dáili pours out, dispenses
do-díat leads down, leads, brings.
do-díbda 1 destroys, cuts off (?) 2 dies off, becomes extinct
do-díchid leads down, leads
do-dímen binds, makes fast, fixes
do-díuschi 1 awakens, brings back to life.2 arouses, provokes, brings into being; (in hunting) starts: (of light, frequently consumed food)
do-dona consoles, comforts.
do-dúrig incites, provokes
do-éccai 1 looks, gazes; hopes in
do-eclainn picks out, selects.; the notion of selecting passing into that of compiling?
do-ecmaing 1 hits (a mark, etc.), strikes 2he hap- pens to be 3 happens, occurs, takes place (pers. and impers.); happens to; Esp. is or comes in the way of, meets
do-ecmalla Gathers, collects, brings together, amasses; Of a feast collects provisions, pre- pares:; Of compiling materials for a book, etc.
do-ecra Arranges, disposes, arrays, collects, assembles
1 do-eim 1 covers, shelters, hides 2 protects, defends; protects from, against
do-eipen 1 excises, cuts (out of, off); Esp. cuts out, forms, fashions 2 loses, forfeits , forgoes 3 shirks, fails (in) (mod.) 4I fail
do-élai escapes
1 do-ella 1 turns aside, deviates, bends; Esp. in moral sense goes astray, errs, degenerates; turns to, takes to (usually in bad sense); turns on, assails; takes after, resembles 2 turns aside, deflects 3Esp. as gramm. term declines;
1 do-ellai(n)g puts into, makes entry.
do-eprinn flows, trickles, gushes; spring forth
1 do-érig 1 leaves, abandons, forsakes
2 do-érig arises, goes forth
do-érni 1 gets away, escapes; Esp. of recovery from illness, etc. 2 goes away, vanishes, disappears
do-ertrat turns back (?)
do-esc 1 cuts, severs; Transf. of dividing territory, etc.; Cuts off, lops off; Cuts down, fells; Transf. of rending, taking away 2Transf. cuts off, destroys, slays; deserted (?)
do-essim sheds, pours
1 do-es(s)uirg Saves, rescues
2 do-es(s)uirg smites, slays; Sheds (blood)
do-esta 1 is absent, wanting, lacking; lacks; Esp. in computation where a number is indicated by sub- traction from a larger one 2 is over, has ended, has perished; Esp. of persons, dies, died 3is required, exacted
do-etarcuirethar intercedes; Distinguishes, makes a difference (?)
do-etarrat Encompasses, comprehends; grasps, lays hold of, overtakes; (with vn. or equivalent) encompasses, accomplishes:
do-etha goes to, visits, approaches; attacks
do-etlen takes away by stealth, steals; gets away secretly, escapes, flees
do-fairget 1 offers, proffers; Folld. by clause, offers (to), proposes (to) 2 attempts, ventures
do-farcai 1 looks down on, guards, fences around2 towers over, surpasses, excels; encompasses, includes ?
do-fásaig announces
do-fásci squeezes, presses, wrings
do-fed 1 leads, brings 2 goes before, takes precedence of (esp. in legal texts) 3 brings about, causes, induces 4 brings beside, compares to
do-fera if it be T. that assails them
do-feth comes, goes
1 do-fich punishes; avenges.
2 do-fich attacks, fights; conquers, takes by storm.
3 do-fich glows
do-fil is (are) coming, is (are) at hand; falls to
do-fíuch(t)ra, do-foch(t)ra awakes.; dispelled
do-fíuschi 1Of the pulse starts 2 starts (game or prey) 3 resuscitates, calls up 4 arouses, excites (of anger or other emotions), calls into being
do-fócaib 1 lifts up, raises (of literal motion); Of hoisting sails; Of lifting a boat or ship to or from land; Draws up (water); takes up (from the fire); digs up, excavates; rises; takes, takes up; brings; takes away, lifts off, removes; raises, sets up (of stones, buildings, etc.); sets up, establishes; exalts, uplifts, elevates, extols; draws up, arranges, brings into action (of forces), begins (of a battle); furnishes, prepares, lays (a table); rears, brings up, fosters; exacts, levies, raises (a tribute or tax); shows, exhibits; In pass. appears; appears; awakens, rouses, excites; utters (a cry or shout), raises (the voice); takes up, acquires; accepts; raises (a point), challenges (a statement); sets up, causes 2 rises; ? Of a muster for battle 3 appears 4 betakes oneself, makes off, rides aloft, soars (with various prepp.)
do-fócair enjoins, announces, proclaims
do-fochsla 1 seizes, carries off (especially of distraint) 2 brings over, inherits (lit. draws or drags over)
do-foichell 1Trans. traverses, journeys over; passes by (?)2 proceeds, comes
do-foídi sends
do-fóir help, succour relieve
do-foirndea 1 expresses, signifies (usual sense in O.Ir.) 2 traces, marks out, delimitates (a design, site, etc.);; well- defined; is made to express; will retrace, point out; lowers
do-fonaig washes, washes away.
do-formaig 1 increases, amplifies 2 adds
do-fortai 1 pours, pours out, sheds; In med. texts emits, passes; Often with notion of waste, spills 2 destroys
do-foscai supports, nourishes, keeps, preserves.
do-foscaig moves, comes to, withdraws.; flows (?)
do-foscart(a?) removes, puts aside.
do-fothlaig demands of
do-frecmairc inquired
do-fúairc Grinds, crushes (by trampling, striking, etc.); beats, pounds, buffets; Often like Engl. smite, crush of slaying, destroying; compresses, amasses
do-fúapair, -fúabair, -fóbair 1 attacks, assails.2 rushes in, charges, advances (in hostile manner)
do-fúarascaib discloses, reveals, describes, makes known, characterizes.
do-fúarat remains over, remains.; obtained (? Cf. do-airret)
do-fúasailci 1 sets free, releases 2 loosens, dissolves, resolves (into constituent elements) 3 loosens (a sword), i.e. unsheathes 4 solves (a question, etc.) 5 relaxes, remits (bondage, an obligation, etc.) 6 dissolves, destroys
do-fuiben cuts, cuts off, cuts out, lops, destroys.
do-fuinchid descends:
do-fuiric finds, comes upon.