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4 menn

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Forms: menna

n o, m., [orig. n.?] in law texts apparently a blemish, disfigurement, defect (due to assault or violence): m.¤ airm ┐ etaigh cach urradh . . . leth coirpdire . . . ann, H 3.18 p. 190 a ( O'D. 342 ). Cf. H 3.18 p. 189b cited under 1 menn. Of cases of assault in which a person's hair is cut off: masa giunnadh gu lommadh daronadh ann . . . is fiach mind in cuirp and .i. leth coirpdiri, Rawl. B 506 fo. 36c ( O'D. 2334 ). fiach mind in foilt, ib. ( O'D. 2335 ). ? pl. rop réid menna duba dim (.i. rop reid dam dul sech na mennuta duba . . . no mendum gō, menda .i. gōa), ACC § 142 (`may it be easy [to cast ] dark faults from me', RC xx 416 ). Plummer (notes on law-texts) conjectures `a visible blemish' = 1 mend; the citation from ACC suggests rather the orig. sense of fault, defect , possibly (as suggested by glossator) a loan-word from Lat. mendum preserved later in legal terminology.

In BB 212a51 : ni aitreba talman tend ┐ ní ricfa a menn (a curse), leg. nem `heaven'.