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1 aire 1act of guarding, watching over, tending, caring for; Of `waking' the dead; In hostile sense looking out for (in order to attack) 2 notice, heed, attention 34 look, take care; look out
ambí dead , lifeless
corp 1the human body 2 corpse, dead body 3Of Eucharist, Communion 4 heavenly bodies; foreign body 5 bulk, mass, main or central part, substance; trunk 6Partic. of main part or text of stories, tracts, etc.
corpán Pejoratively of wretched or miserable body; dead body, corpse
dead 1 End, conclusion, utmost limit; the end of the day, the evening; the conclusion of a book, a psalm, a chapter; Auslaut, the end of a word, as opposed to tossach `Anlaut'2to the end, always; last, after verba movendi; after, following after; after, in succession to; thereafter, thereupon; after; to follow; to approach; decaying; follow with intent to overtake, pursue; to pursue; to throw after; to call, shout after; to be after, i.e. to seek, to look for, try to get, pursue.; to be left, spared; I drag or trail after me; after; behind; since; bind': to bind or fix sth. to a thing in motion; headlong; to go to the bad; at last, in the end, ultimately; at last, at length; thereupon; last, i.e. at the end, in the rear; finally; in what follows, below 3 Last milking; Last prince or ruler
1 dían swift, rapid; sudden; In lit. gener. with the added sense of eager, impetuous, forceful or vehement, both in good and bad sense. Of animals and natural objects (gener. implying motion); swift-passing, fleeting (?); active; In following cases meaning seems to be strong, without notion of activity or motion; swift or sudden death (destruction); swift or ruthless slaying; hasty speech; earnest repentance (?); (legal term) `sudden notice'; sudden death; sudden doom; swift or fierce crushing; sudden death; sudden or violent sickness, plague; ready hospitality; nimble hand; swift healing; forcible violation; swiftly-flowing water; of vehement nature; very fierce (?). Of a river; of swift or fierce blows; deeply- grieving; very eager; very prudent; utterly dead; nimble-minded, very spirited; of hasty words (?); advances rapidly; quickly swamps.; quickly carries; quickly burns; quickly destroys; quickly or utterly distributes, scatters, disperses, sepa- rates; As med. term dissolves, diffuses
1 díbaid having no male issue; deceased, dead (?)
Donn Probably the god of the dead or the ancestral father to whom all are called at their death; Amalgamated with the Christian Devil
fáen 1 prostrate, supine, lying on one's back; Of the dead; Of a vessel, upright; level; Of weapons levelled for attack; Of hands or arms laid flat, outstretched (esp. in prayer); Of a steep (?) hill 2 weak, ineffectual, void; void; sluggish
faire Watching, guarding, a watch; a watchman; keeps watch; Of a military watch, a period of sentry:; Of waking the dead; look! take care! As word of summons or warning, look; beware:
3 féth calm, stillness, esp. at sea (cf. 3 féith); In moral sense quietness, tranquillity; calm and still; a dead calm; a calm sea
fo-ceil hides, conceals (below), in follg. exx. used of hiding or burying the dead
1 fodb, fadb Spoils (usually coll.) generally of clothing or equipment taken from the dead , but sometimes of booty in general; used distributively in pl.; a mound of spoils; denseness of spoils (?); division of spoils
gairm 1act of calling or summoning; a call, summons, cry; crowing; the person invoked; A proclama- tion; Esp. of an invitation or summons to a feast or assembly; a mobilisation, a call to arms; Of calling the soul to quit the dead body; appealing from; recanta- tion 2act of naming, calling 3a name, a title; proclaims, nominates (king, chief, etc.); repute, fame 4a calling, employment, profession 5 vocative case
1 íargnó, íargná 1 anguish, regret; especially grief for one dead 2a lament, an elegy
1 il With a noun in pl. many, numerous; With a noun in sg. manifold, much, great:; many, a multitude; more, more numerous, greater; stronger; greater; more and more numerous; more and more numerous; very many; greatly; the more; many dwellings; many materials ?; manifold combat, many fights; many materials; many races, many families; many slayings; many weapons; many names; many heights; many fords; many limbs; many languages; many horned animals; many burdens,' many tasks ?; many savours; many blossoms; many years; great diversification, great variegation; manifold variety; many words; many victories, many outstanding qualities; great excellence ?; many bands; many affairs, many troubles; many battles; many cities; many treacheries; many churches; many kinds; many provinces; many heads; many melodies, many har- monies, manifold music; many crafts, many accom- plishments; act of torturing in various ways'; many hundreds; many cattle, cattle of various kinds; many meanings; many races; many tricks; many hounds; mani- fold heirship; many en- counters, many combats; many turns ? many circles ?; many territories; many delays; many gifts, many arts, many accomplish- ments; sg. dán varied skill, manifold science; sg. and pl. many hues, varied colouring; many differences; many shapes, varied shapes; many fines, many compensations; varied enchantments; many elements; many slayings, many slain; much decoration, much inlay; many weapons, varied weapons; many divisions; manifold division; much delay; many cries, much clamour; much joy; much rejoicing or merrymaking; many spells, many enchantments; many hostages; many arrangements, manifold equipment; many kinds, varied appearances; many deeds, various deeds; many sounds; many orders, many grades; many orna- mentations, many illuminations (of a MS.); very many, a great quantity; many blades; many letters; many places; many tribes, many families; much wealth, many treasures, many gifts; many seas; many dead; many desires; many animals; many thousands; many soldiers; many women; many ways; many snakes, various snakes; many parts; many sins; multiplicity of persons, many persons; many pains, varied pains; act of torturing in many ways; pl. varied tortures; many or varied beasts, many reptiles; s. monster, serpent; many parts, various parts:; many graces, many blessings; many shapes; many paths, many ways; many floods, many seas ?; many stars; manifold course ?, many courses ?; many mysteries, varied mystery ?; many psalms; many possessions; many wives; many hosts; many dwellings; many translations; many lands; many meanings; many peoples; many waters; very vast; sur- rounded by many angels; many-weaponed; of manifold sweetness; very sweet, very tasty; very eager, very quick; much variegated, very spotted; much variegated; very foul; of many judgments, critical; very fiery; of many victories, having many outstanding qualities; very beautiful, possessing many charms; of many races; peopled with many races; many-headed; of many melodies ?, very melodious ?; music-haunted; skilled in many crafts, very skilful, skilfully made; of many meanings; having many descendants, having many divisions; possessed of many qualities or qualifica- tions ?; of many feats, of many tricks; very wily ? : as subst.; very wolfish, very fierce; very quarrel- some, much given to complaining; very pious; having many wounds ?, very badly wounded ?; very shapely ?, of many shapes, of varied beauty ?; very hard; very gifted, skilled, accomplished, having many gifts or accomplishments (frequently used as subst.); Of the heads of crafts; a jack-of-all-trades; many-coloured; Name of a mythical country; many-coloured; having many shapes, adorned with many figures; beautiful ?; many-shaped; many-hued ?; much adorned, adorned in various ways; armed with many weapons; sharp-sworded; containing many words; agreeable, pleasing; possessing many powers or enchantments; many-virtued; of many kinds; Divers; skilled in the performance of many deeds; many faced; many-wounding; many-voiced; very distinguished; very hideous, very ugly; adorned with much ornamental work; very numerous, manifold; very wealthy, possessing varied treasures; very covetous; very splendid, very bright; abounding in monsters; abounding in grace; many-formed ?; very frenzied ?; with much bad-weather; changeable; very productive, very fertile; very lordly, very princely
imman(n) hymn; In phrase i. anma (regarded as one of the duties of the Church towards people) hymn for the dead ?, prayer for the dead ?; hymn
lettromán Usually of a dead king, chief, etc. (oppression, hence affliction, grief?)
mairbne (pl.) dead bodies, corpses?
marb 1 dead; (subst.) a dead person; in religious lit. often fig. in sense either mortified, insensible, or spiritually dead; All Souls' day; a coffin 2 dying; on the point of death 3to die 4 exhausted; stagnant pool; deadly; deadly, fatal 5 dead-body-fine', fine for a fatal injury; dead stock', property of the dead; carcasses of the cattle; dead chattels' i.e. inanimate possessions; dead property; dead wealth'; claims on a dead man's estate?; a death-due; death-benefits; food-dues paid in dead cattle; service due to chief after his death, such as attending his funeral; dead , pertaining to the dead, inanimate:; death-dirge; dead fleece', covering of the dead:; a woollen shroud; blood of a dead person, gore; a lifeless thing; lifeless booty; swathings of a corpse; a grave-stone; a standing pool; stagnant water 6 faint-hearted; having a withered arm
marbach pertaining to the dead ?
marbán a dead person
mem(m)ra A monument over the dead , a tomb; often a shrine (containing a saint's relics); a shrine; relics
moirtchenn 1 dead flesh, esp. the flesh of an animal which has died from natural causes?; carrion; a grave- yard (?)2transf. sudden death, destruction
muir 1 sea-beach, coast (? sea-dyke)?; a sea bag', inlet of the sea; a cormorant; a sea-judgement; (in pl.), mari- time law; sea-bond; transf. of a chieftain a sea-compeller, sea-ruler?; a sea-fleet; a naval expedition; in fleets; castaway, shipwrecked person; a sea-fight; a naval expedition or hosting; a sea-raven; sea-faring (? coast- ing); an inlet of the sea.; a sea-spear, harpoon; sea-sickness; a sea-lunatic'; a sea-fugitive or wanderer, term applied to the mermaid Lí Ban; sea-sorcery, sea- magic; sea- fish; a sea-island; full tide; sea-pool; a lagoon, salt-marsh; sea reeds, sedge; a sea-plain, salt marsh (?); a sea animal, fish; rough sea; unnavigable seas; a viscid sea; sea-produce; sea- strand; strand, beach; sea-monsterful 2 sea-raven; sea-dog
oígi A stranger, esp. one receiving hospitality, a guest, visitor.; a house for guests, lodging, hostel; a stranger, new-comer; Of the dead :
1 secc stiff, rigid, hard; stark dead , but `cold and dead
septenáir an office for the dead continuing for seven days
2 taise 1 dead body, corpse, remains 2 relics (of a saint) 3 remnant, remains, ruins 4 manes, spirit, ghost
timortain 1act of killing: death 2 dead stock, chattels (?) (see )
todúsacht act of raising from the dead
1 tonach 1 act of washing 2act of washing the dead , preparing for burial
uile 1the whole for the part2 all things (Lat. omnia); all; everyone ;; everybody; all men; everyone; the whole; all; every; the whole, all; every; all, the whole; in all, altogether 3 utter destruction; all embroidered; universal destruction; an absolute refusal; complete telling; a holocaust; act of burning up wholly; complete falling; omnipotent; all-blue; huge; quite dead; all-sinful; burns completely, makes a holocaust of