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Forms: nemnuall, nemnall, nemnuall, naemnuall, neamhnuall, Nemhnaill, Nemnuall

n [o, m.] also nemnuall, which may be the orig. form or due to etymologizing glossators. Intonation, chanting or hymnody in religious worship? nemnall [nemnuall , LB] .i. is ed ainm is mō do anmandaib in domuin .i. nemnuall denmae ind aifrinn innsin. Nemnuall nuall fer nimhe uimbe, Corm. Y 960. neamhnall .i. nuall bfear nimhe nō cantaireacht denma an aifrinn, O'Cl. neamnuall .i. ceol aingeal, Lec. Gl. 464 = naemnuall, 271 M . neamhnuall `heavenly or divine praise; a hymn or anthem ', O'R.

Nemnall is found also as npr. m., Trip. 132.24 ; g s. Nemhnaill, AU 749. Nemnuall, Fianaig. 30.2 ; see Ält. Ir. Dicht. ii 4 n. 2 and ZCP viii 180 - 181 .