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Last Revised: 2019


n o, m. (2 clam)

(a) As npr. m. ic Crois Clamán, BColm. 102.30 .

(b) Of the plant dodder: cuscute .i. claman in lin . . . ┐ i derar ris fos potagra lini, ar is e bus im cois in lín, RC ix 241.6 . cuscuta .i. in claman lin, ACL i 328.81 . pudar do ghenamh dhi ┐ a thiomprail le sugh clamhain lin, 23 K 42, 336.y . clamhan an lín, ACL i 339 . Cf. `clamhainín lín dodder, epilinum', O'R.