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ar-dérg(a) proposes, intends
derg 1Of colour, red, ruddy (used of colour of blood, flame; also of orange or tawny hue as of ale, gold, etc.); ardent; Of earth or clay turned up, dug up; Hence of persons, of ruddy com- plexion or red-haired 2Transf. red with blood; bloody, sanguinary; red-handed (i.e. a shedder of blood); red-sworded; red-handed; Hence of meat bleeding, raw, fleshy (as oppd. to fat) 3 red-hot, incandescent 4 full-blooded, flushed with pride, overbear- ing (?) 5 reddish yellow; crimson; broad and red; rud-red; red-hued; red-face (as sobriquet); red (i.e. tanned) hide; red yew; red flame; red clay roads; red haw- thorn; red bronze, copper 6`red warning', guilt incurred by entertaining a fugitive criminal; bloody slaughter; red martyrdom (involving death); Bloody death, slaughter (in general); a bloody onset 7 raging mad; stark naked; a bitter foe; fierce enmity; `red morsel'. Apparently technical name for property illegally acquired.