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n , f. (galrae) absence of sickness: is ferr lium lobre quam dígallre, Wb. 18a1 . tréde neimthigedar liaig .i. dígallrae etc., Triads 119 . dighalra .i. leighios iomlán na ngalar a complete cure, ib. Gloss. In wider sense immunity (?): díre .i. díaire (no digalre .i. dierrithe do nemtib ara nuaisligetaid), Corm. s.v. díre .


Cite this: eDIL s.v. díre or


Forms: d., d.

io, n. later f. Vn. of do-ren. See Críth G. p. 84 and the detailed treatment Ir. Recht 14 ff . (introd.), 22 ff. (texts).

(a) honour-price: cóic ṡéoit in[n]a díriu di neoch as gress dó dia eneclainn, Críth G. 161 . dire la aithgin, Laws iii 320.20 . iter d.¤ ┐ aithgin, iv 120.21 . asren ar cach naithgin cona diriu amail bid gad rogatad, ii 324.3 . athaigh feadha . . . bo a ndire cach ae . . . ┐ ní thuc a naithgin ar aird, iv 146.25 , 148.8 Comm. is d.¤ ar aithgin, 148.10 . [taman] cra[i]nd dia mbentar a barr . . . Ni dlig [d.¤] acht athgin, O'Mulc. 865 . ni dlegaither doib dire .i. in ti . . . noca dligenn se eneclann .i. noca dliginn dire eneclainni do, i 54.25 Comm. athgabail trise . . . i ndire do treibi, 166.23 . .i. eneclann duit i ngait as do threib, 170.6 . d.¤ gl. eneclann, iv 200 Comm. it cetheora eirca . . . aithgin ┐ dire, tairgille ┐ enecland, i 258.26 . na con dlegar diri na eneclann ina sleith who are estopped from claiming d. or e. for forcible abduction, v 272.2 . cipe imress mela . . . fort ní fhuil díri no eneclann duit-siu ind, TBC-LL¹ 47 . im dire do daise arba .i. it cruaich arba .i. diabladh in arba ┐ eneclann ar treisi, Laws i 170.27 Comm. ór derg d.¤ eneclainne in c[h]einiuil sin uile, LL 312a7 . See also Laws i 54.25 . co na lan diri .i. log nenech aiscthir no icthair, ii 390.4 Comm. The d.¤ was fixed by rank and status of person to whom paid: d.¤ .i. dí aire (no digalre .i. dierrithe do nemtib ar a nuaisligetaid), Corm. p. 15 . a nEirind cia dire as uaisle fil inde? Dire espuic oighe cona lanfoltaib, Laws iv 362.20 Comm. aithech arathreba . . . iiii séoit a d.¤ di[a] aír a tenant resident — four `seds' are his d.¤ for being satirized, Críth G. 135 . secht seoit diri airech desa, Laws v 30.16 . is and roairled d.¤ caich fo miad (of Senchus Már), i 40.13 . ni fuillend diri dar sodain the d.¤ paid (by a tenant) does not mount beyond that (i.e. the honour price of the chief), ii 324.5 . se baa d.¤ in asdarceist six cows are the d.¤ of the exorcist, ZCP ix 171.18 . asren d.¤ a grád dond eclais sāraiget[h]ar (of a man in holy orders who violates his celibacy), Ériu i 218 § 4 .

A proportion of the díre-fine exacted seems to have fallen as `dues' to king or chieftain (or church?): in tan geibius in rig ina mama so, is and doranar d.¤ rig, Laws iv 50.24 . Cf. also iii 458 . Sometimes paid in specific metal: or d.¤ in ciniu[i]l sin, LL 380a43 . airget bruinti d.¤ in ciniuil sin, 45 . findruine d.¤ in cheneóil sin ina n-eneclaind, 312b34 .

(b) penalty, mulct: cach taide cach egean cach foxal . . . cona diri is (to be restored) with its d. fine, Laws ii 388.19 . andsum d.¤ treibdire the d.¤ for (injury to or robbery in) a house is the most difficult (to assess), iii 458.12 . asrenar secht n-unga ina dīri, Cáin Domn. § 27 ( Ériu ii 206 ). a ndire na himirce in payment for the carrying off of the cattle, Anecd. ii 65 . fiarfaigis . . . cia d.¤ doberar inn ainmedh ┐ inn āir cen c[h]inta, ZCP vii 300.20 . conid edh tres d.¤ imramach insin dochuisin la Féni, O'Dav. 1118 . nocha n-eirnither d.¤ ina coluinn, Laws v 236.17 Comm. ness ainm don beim .i. don c[h]rēcht, ut est . . . a dirib cuirp duine rohairdiged (rohordaiged, v.l.) ness, Corm. Y 975 . losa feada . . . cura a ndire cach ae `a sheep is the d.¤ -fine for each', Laws iv 148.2 . dire ndarach, 148.19 Comm. leth diri craeb in cuilind is é lan diri bunbeime in eigind, 148.10 Comm. athaigh feadha . . . bo a ndire cach ae, 146.25 . a chathair do innriud cen d.¤ cen mathigudh nách neich dib sin fris, TTr.² 229 . las dorchair cen diri dib | sechtmoga mili daririb, Lec. 79a3 . trí mná ná dlegat díri, Triads 185 . fa ma dalbach dī nā tobngar dīre n-ainech, ACL iii 294.7 . d.¤ .i. éraic no eneaclann, O'Cl. d.¤ .i. Oearaic, P. O'C. payment: in brethem do mesemnugad in dire is coir in cach duil (of poets), O'Curry 2216 ( Eg. 88, 15 (16)d ). dobert Nuadaid in lam nairgid do na dire in payment for it (i.e. for his services), Lec. 558a21 . Note also: ūair nād bī lāndīre na eclaisi Dé acht dú i mbi oés grāid full fines (?), full dues (?), Ériu i 220 § 16 .

(c) one's due or right (in this sense perhaps felt as an abstract of 1 dír, q.v.): dognid sith eter in uli thuath .i. co n-indised a nd.¤ ┐ a ndliged doib, PH 824 . o thugais tímchiolladh flatha for Eir(r)inn gach aon a gceann a dh.¤ ┐ a dhúthchasa (of a judge), ML 102.14 . dire crabaid Erend Fabur, BB 65b20 . dire ceithirliubair soiscéla ocht mbliadna the time due to them in transcribing them, O'Gr. Cat. 80.11 .