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airsaire name for some kind of unpleasant noise, din , clatter(?)
2 bláedach roaring, yelling; din
breisim 1 noise, din , uproar 2 rout, defeat
breisimnech noise, din , crash
1 bres 1 fight, blow; effort; Of labour in childbirth 2Metaph. of a hero, chief (or subst. use of 2 b. ?) 3 beauty, worth
1 bresal strife; din (?)
bresán din
broscur 1 rout, destruction; onset; over- throw
caismert 1 signal, usually by sound; signal-fire; battle-cry 2 din; conflict; discussion
cathais martial vigilance, watch; din , clamour
círéip din
deilm 1 Loud, confused or rumbling noise or din; Of thunder, sea, storms, conflict; Of noise made in the intestines, crepitus ventris, fart 2 Report, tidings, rumour, fame
dín 1 protection, defence, shelter; depending on; act of sheltering, protecting; sheltering, protective; protection, shelter against 2 covering, thatch, roofing 3 sparing, husbanding 4In legal sense remission (?)
1 dron 1 strong-haunched
gloimm noise, din , outcry; Of noise of vessels being beached; Of the din of a tempest; Of the baying of a dog; of melodious baying
gredan din , clamour, outcry; shout of exultation; noise of revelry; Of a retreating army
1 grith 1 shaking, quivering; shudder, vibration; collapse; shakes, vibrates, collapses (?); panic (also shouting and clashing of arms ) 2 agitation, frenzy, fit, spasm 3Passing into sense of seizure, attack 4Fig. of that which causes fear or panic, the power of inspiring dread 5 shout ( din , uproar)
mongar A loud continuous noise, din , boom, roaring, etc., of natural sounds (esp. of sea), also of noise made by crowds, etc.; roaring
scolgaire, scalgaire cry, call, warbling (of the black- bird); noise, din