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Forms: ingor, ingor, ingir, ingir, ingair, hingur, ingear, ingear, ingir, ingir

n (Lat. ancora) n s. cech ingor , Wb. 34a2 . ingor, Sg. 38a6 . ingir, RC xv 294.5 . a s. an ingir , Fél.² xlvii 10. in ingair , IT i 39.18 . ? co hingur , MacCongl. 99.30 .

(a) an anchor: gl. Subburra (=saburra), Sg. 22a5 . gl. sabrateria, 38a6 . sís fucertar cech i.¤ `down every anchor is cast,' Wb. 34a2 . obsolbit ille in ingair loosed the anchor, IT i 39.18 . With Lat. termination : co ro lecset ingcorum sis, 21 . feimidset imram nach leth amal nos-fastad ingir `as if an anchor was holding them,' RC xv 294.5 . ingir .i. angcaire, O'Cl.

? To this : co hingur cingir cicharan .i. cráibechān `to the anchor ...,' MacCongl. 99.30 .

(b) a carpenter's rule, a level: ingor .i. ní gor. Ingar nī cor ille nach innund, sed rectum perpendiculum .i. diriuchthuillemain , O'Mulc. 745. Of the building of a castle : a díol innigh fúithe fríoth | d'ingir gomadh dlúithe an sgiath `using his ruler to make firm the defence-work,' Ir. Monthly 1923, p. 643 § 31 . ingear `a level, perpendicular ; a chain or cord to measure with,' O'R. ingear `a level,' O'Brien. ingir `a carpenter or mason's line ,' ib. ingir `an anchor ; a line used by carpenters or masons,' O'R.