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n , f. (1 dlúth) IGT Abstr. Nouns § 69 . closeness (of units in a mass), density, compactness: huan dluthi fo chosmailius dorche gl. densitate, Ml. 29d12 - 13 . assa dluthi solidity (of the earth), 129d8 . in dluthe ind flechuid, 81c8 . d.¤ chomsuidigtheo closeness of composition, Sg. 203a25 . d.¤ in tinfith donaib consonaib (of the close connexion of the aspiration with the consonant in the sounds, χ, θ, φ), 9a17 . huan dlúithi séim gl. tenui rima, 46a10 . ni dic[h]ead (dichet, v.l.) scuithe ar a dluithe the small cattle cannot pass through (the fence) for its closeness, Laws iv 112 , cf. 76.19 . mun badh dluithe ┐ daingne a n-innill ┐ a n-ordaighthe, AFM v 1646 . o dhlúithi na néll from the density of the clouds, 3 C 19, 256 vb 21 . re sar-dluithi a sleag, MR 190 . dá dhlúithe ┐ dá dhíoghraisighe bhíd dó however close (intimate) . . . they are with him, TSh. 4247 . Of language, condensation, concision: iarnnberlae .i. is aire isberar, ar a duibe in belrae ┐ ar a dorchatae ┐ ar a dluithe (dlúthi, LB) co nāch erasa taisscelad ind, Corm. Y 755 . tri miscena indsci: rigne, dlúithe, dulbaire (.i. ar muin a chéile, gl.), Triads 179 .