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dliged 1an individual’s entitlement, right.; a right in respect of fair contract as opposed to naidm ‘binding surety’.; thing or action to which someone is entitled; debt, obligation.; as attrib.: rightful.; As adverb: rightfully.; calculation; argument; reason; form; maxim, rule; In sense of Lat. ratio, guiding principle, law, or theory (regarded as basis of belief or action); principle, rule, norm; dictum, authoritative statement; More loosely of a statement or saying in general; reason, argument; reckoning, computation (?); nature, condition, kind, manner 2 law in wide sense, of a prescript, code, or tradition based on authority of some kind and demanding obedience;; Esp. of civil law; legal lore; lawyer; Passing into sense of judgement or jurisdiction; Doomsday; In sense of abstract justice, right; unlawfully 3What is lawful or incumbent, duty, obligation; As pred., is d. (dom) it is right (for me), it is (my) duty 4What is right or due (to someone); due, right, prerogative; conditions 5 Due, tax, tribute 6 Faculty of reason (an extension of I (d) above) 7 deserving