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do-gní 1 does; does with (to); In passive often happens, takes place; fulfils, executes, carries out (a wish, command, etc.); stay; believe; depart; increases; turn it; instruct me; discusses (an argument), pleads (a cause); takes counsel, holds a council; levies; Of a calling, art, etc., practises, plies, performs:; holds, celebrates (a festival, etc.), observes, performs (a rite); journeyed; utters 2 Makes; creates, forms, constructs; forms (by aggregation of units), constitutes, makes up; prepares, gets ready; Of mental or abstract construction, makes, devises, frames; makes x of y = turns y into x; y is turned into, becomes x; makes (changes) x into y; makes much (etc.) of, accounts as; makes, renders; appoints, ordains, arranges; begets; conceives; breeds, increases; bred, raised (?); produces, brings forth; causes, gives rise to; is dejected; becomes intoxicated; wins, gains, obtains; proves, demonstrates 3 does, acts; obeys, acts according to the wish or advice of; deals with, acts towards; does without, neglects; makes for, goes