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déis 1 tenant, vassal; vassalry (usually collectively, the clients of a particular lord );; the tenantry' (land, neighbourhood?); Hence in wider sense of the prerogatives of a `flaith' which arise from (a) the recognition of his hereditary rank, (b) the office or function he performs in the territory, (c) his clients, free and base, (d) his `senchleithe'; In wider sense, land, domain , district 2 Host, band (?) 3As tribal name (properly = vassal or rent-paying com- munity) and later n.loc.
domain 1 deep; Of eyes deep-set, sunken; high; deep wound; profound, intense, thoughtful, etc. 2 bottom, floor (of a vat, the sea, etc.); depth, depths; depths; height
domaín loss, damage, harm; loss; resulting from, due to
ferann land, domain , territory, of a definite area, large or small; gen. of land possessed or occupied by an individual, tribe or nation; mensal land; charter-land, lawful estate; sword-land; land assigned to a particular purpose; land for the support of a monastery, etc.; service-land; glebe-lands; land won by prowess; dowry-land; land for the support of the King's heir; a field, enclosed plain
1 flesc 1a rod, wand, stick; bishop; Of angular staves for Ogham inscriptions; lath, wattle (in a structure); Of plectrum for a `timpán' (?); a wand with hair, i.e. a bow 2a line, stroke 3a scion, stripling, young person 4 land; land held in full fee, patrimony, domain 5 a hoop, circlet (late sense) ;; fillet 6poet's wand, stave; ogham staves; poet's fillet, wreath (mark of his calling) 7a hedge, rail; hereditary land ?
selb 1 property, appurtenance, domain , possessions; a flock, a herd; possession, ownership; possession of; takes possession; in the possession of x; under the protection of x; in possession of x; protecting or watching over x; in the possession of x; in the name of, on pretext of, under colour of; for the purpose of; takes possession of; undertakes 2 property, estate; ownership, possession