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Forms: D. m. gen. Donngal mac D.¤ , AU 765 .


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Forms: torreith, toret

v (*to-reth-) torreith, LL 123a25 (rhet.). ? toret, 122b46 .

I Intrans. runs up, hastens (to a place): doreith duit . . . féil in deochoin Felic the feast of F. runs to thee, Fél. Apr. 16 . fethan aircit . . . imrith iar craund co sleig sair, in cein n-aile dorreith coticci a dorn runs back to his fist, TBC-I¹ 3163 . ainmne fri cech ndaidbre n-ūir, | nī bī ar sūil ní doreith (: neich) nothing that speeds (to us) is before our view (according to our expectation?) (i.e. the future is incalculable), ZCP vii 498.4 . dororithius re fēind Find, Acall. 2924 . dororaid Sechnall S. hastened (to the spot), Trip.² 2884 . trait torrāid he hastened thither, Ält. Ir. Dicht. i 40 § 10 . fosceird i suan co toraid in domnach Dia de nim till God's Sunday has come (?) from heaven, Ériu ii 126 § 88 . intan dorertatar (dorethetar, v.l.) fo fán `when they ran (?) down a slope', Hy. v 55 ( .i. roreithsetar, Comm. ).

II Trans.

(a) runs through, traverses (?): gein torrachta d.¤ aicned n-oll o Adam . . . co betha brath a cyclical birth which traverses vast nature (?), Corm. Y 1224 (tuirigen) = doreit , LB.

(b) hastens to, succours (= fo-reith): is maith doreith Dia a muntir isna cumgaib, LL 282a28 , ib. 16 . doreithistair mor ngalar do dainib troga (of St. Íte), Lec. 336b45 = foráith már ṅgur ngalar, Fél. Jan. 16 . ? mani tisad athgabail trebaire do reith do béscgna, Laws i 254.9 . i. da foirithin, 23 Comm.