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duine Human being; man (in general), mankind; gs. and gp. oft. equivalent to adj. human; a particular individual or class of individuals; person, people; elders; monks; Oft. taking the place of an indef. pron. anyone, with neg. no one; everyone; one (of a number, class of people); a friend, follower, etc.; in pl. of family, adherents, countrymen; assembly of people, mote; lit. man-fold, a curved line of people (soldiers) formed to enclose or entrap an enemy (?); trespass committed by a person; crime committed by a human being; lit. man-hound; of warriors; human shape; descrip- tion in verse of a person's form and appearance (?);; human booty, captives (coll.); of surface of earth peopled by men; manslaughter, murder; murderer, homicide; torment, destruction of human beings; lit. man-stealing, i.e. murder with concealment of the body, secret murder