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ind = We. dyw, duw, Corm. Y 684 , 850 .


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Last Revised: 2013


ind (Lat. gratias agam, Ériu lix 148 ) thanksgiving : grasticum .i. graziacum .i. atlugud buide Patraic, Thr. Ir. Gl. p. 23 . grazagum .i. athlugud buide la Pātraic, quod Scoti corrupte dicunt .i. is ris aderait Scotic[i] trūailned. Sic autem debet dici .i. is mar so is cōir sin do rādh: grassaigim do Duiu .i. grasias Deo agimus .i. bermait buide n-altaighthi do Dīa, Corm. Y § 684 . Occurs seven times in Lib. Arm. 7a ( Thes. ii 261 ), being twice spelt gratzacham and five times grazacham. grat[s]icum i.e. gratias ago (sic leg.), O'Mulc. 622.

4? muin

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my, mine , a word of Cymric provenance, representing Mid. Welsh 1 s. poss. pron. my folld. by eclipsing n-. [m]ode-brot[h], ol Patraic, quod Scoti corrupte dicunt. Sic autem dici debæt: muin Duiu braut. . . . A mmuin didiu is meus , Corm. Y 850 (cf. Mod. Welsh fy Nuw `my God'). Cf. also: olme (no olmoin), Corm. p. 12 s.v. coic (`of me', Stokes Corm. Tr. 38 ). ? muin mai .i. os leam mo shealbh, O'Cl. (= m.¤ muí what's mine is mine? perhaps = maín treasure).