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Forms: ecoisce, hæcosc, hecosc

n o, u ; n., later m. ; the form ecoisce, BB 262a54 ( IT iii 195 § 36 ), if not a scribal error may be g p.

(a) external characteristics, distinguishing mark, sign by which a person (thing) is known for what he (it) is : conróbad écoscc a cheneóil foir the mark of his nation (i.e. circumcision) Wb. 6d6 . is hecen sainecoscc leosom for accrannaib inna ní prechite pacem (gl. quam speciosi pedes evangelizantium pacem) 5a5 . ecosc n-abstal forib, 24a25 . basa iudide ó écosc...nipsa iudide ó béssaib, 10d34 , 35 . cometecht dia n-écoscaib cen chometecht dia mbésib indulgence of their external customs but not of their morals 11c5 . is e in n-écosc .i. cride imthoimnech co ngoirtius nemnech co ndéraib troma, etc. (indications of repentance) PH 6442 . ba berrad mogadh (.i. ecosc) bai fair-seom, ACL iii 12 . Cf. cach lasa mbiat fethla .i. ecusc no comartha, O'Dav. 899 , cf. (f) below.

(b) kind, species : sainécosc noe (gl. celox, species est navis) Sg. 69a24 . an uair rachair d'innsaighi in othair... féch ar tús créd é in t-écosc .i. in ben nó in fer é (i.e. sex) O'Gr. Cat. 232.26 .

(c) in general, appearance, aspect : oft. in combination with delb, cruth, and nearly synonymous, though strictly used in a wider sense, including dress, etc., as well as person ; snuadh .i. ecosc no sainfeth, O'Dav. 1417 . ba hed ecosc na n-erc...i bae findae aúdergæ, Corm. Y 585 . dorīmi a ēugosg feib rombōi a lī, 698 ( p. 59.22 ). a crúth, a écosc, a chongraim, FB 44 . tucsatar tuaruscabail na hingene do etir chruth ┐ delb ┐ écuscc , IT i 119.9 . Moling 11 . ar chaine a dealbha ┐ ar ingantus a ecoisce (ecoisc v.l.), IT iii 195 § 36 . isin deilb ┐ isin ecosc in rochesair (in ea forma habituque) Lat. Lives 97 . for moladh crotha ┐ datha ┐ delbe ┐ eccoscca in clerigh, Moling 41 . rogab eccoscc doidheilbh fair, § 52 . tánic Alaxander i fíadhnaisi na hingine do thaiselbadh a crotha ┐ a écosca, a eirraid ┐ étaig, TTr.² 493 . ba docraid a ecosc il-leth a broitt (deformis esse et truncatus habitus videretur, of St. Martin who had given away half of his cloak) Lat. Lives 88 . boi menma fherrda i n-écosc banda aicce (of mother of the Maccabees) PH 6613 . gnūisi bāna co n-ecusc dhuine mairbh acu, RC xxviii 318 § 36 . gillae ecuisc anindustae, Corm. Y 1059 s.v. Prull . fer écosca ingnaid a strange-looking man LL 289a33 . teora hialla go ro-examlacht ecaisc (of bird flocks red, white and black) TBC-LL¹ 5632 St. dolluid fond ecosc sin, FB 92 . isind ecosc cetna PH 1546 . dealradh na diadachta i ndreich ┐ i n-eccoscc in chleirigh, BNnÉ 275.4 . a hégosg ní fhidir mé | ní théd súil silleadh uirrthi, Studies 1922, 247 . ecosc namat ridicule of (a person's) appearance (a punishable kind of satire) Laws v 228.27 (with gl.: namuitt um a ecosc .i. `ni sūil,' `ni srub', 232.8 ; cf. O'Dav. 1297 ). Of places, etc.: ecosc ṅ-áimin...tegdassa adchondarc-sa, Thes. ii 292.22 . ecosc na loch crotha gradhuill n-aluind, Anecd. i 51.1 . ba hedh a hécosc na hindsi, tir mblaith mbuidhech, 70.7 . ed a écosc in taige, LL 248b38 = ZCP iv 24z . Cf. cit. fr. Ériu viii 135 below. a phuirt is iongnadh th' éagcosg (to a castle), Ir. Monthly 1920, 539 . rob é airdmes...a n-eices écosc in armuige sin what they judged from the appearance of that slaughter MR 240 . By extension goodly appearance: (ben) co ndeilb ┐ écosc ┐ soerchenel of fair form and presence SCC 42 .

(d) garb, attire: triar cruittire con-écosc ríg im cech n-æ, LL 248b5 ( ZCP iv 33.22 ). coica ban... co n-ecosc ban síde impu, 250b45 ( ZCP iv 42.5 ). ica freasdul la Magnus do bhiudh ┐ deoch ┐ edgud nó ecasc ( livery ?) Marco P. 122 .

(e) in a looser sense form, manner, guise . eccosg .i. cuma, O'Cl. muadh .i. égcosg dealbh, no cuma, ib. muad .i. egusc, Corm. Y 958 . co ructha a breth chōir for cāch...i n-écosc co n-uamun ┐ co n-imecla in choimded `in a manner suited to' PH 4154 . fo ecusc athgabala by way of distress Laws i 192.29 Comm. ara feiser fer recht[g]a i n-ecosc dilsi `that thou mayst know when a lawful man is in the person (i.e. the legal position) of an outlaw' iii 136.1 .

(f) various occasional uses— Argument, summary (indication of what follows): hæcosc (gl. argumentum) Wb. 27d17 . Figure of speech: hond ecosc [c]omarleicthiu by a permitted figure (gl. schemate) Ml. 20b14 . Equipment, accessories, ornament (?): see (d) above and cf. further: fethal conduala .i....eccusc comduala, O'Dav. 992 , quoting Laws v 384.24 : ni conai fethal connduala what keeps the ornamented relic (i.e. the case or covering) with gl.: ni coimedas ecosc dala coin, 386.10 . feuthal .i. eugasg, Corm. Y 669 . fethal .i. ecosc ut est sceith co fethal condual la cach n-ae H 3.18, 616a (glossary to TBFr. , cf. ZCP iv 33.20 , and see fethal). Cf. O'Dav. 899 cited above. rogha iomdhaigh a nEamhain M. cona hégoscc orrdha fuirre `the apartment of your choice...with gilt facing' (gilded aspect, splendour ?) Ériu viii 135.8 . In follg. ex. hecosc may stand for thecosc: luid tria hecosc ┐ druidecht a ṡenathar do Themuir through the instructions ZCP viii 311.18 .

In fuil écosc fir agat, a ingen ? nimtha. an ail feis lem ? ar C. are you married ? ZCP xii 252.15 .

Cf. emenina .i. bannda no banecusgda no bangnimach, Auraic. 3091 .

eter, etir

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Forms: eter, etir, etar, eada, itar, hitar, idir, etrom, etrum, adrumsa, etrut, etrutsa, adru, adrud, adrad, eadra, etir, etronn, etrunn, étrunn, eadrainn, eadroinn, atruinn, etrunni, etruinde, eadruinn, etruib, etruibsi, eadruibh, eadraibh, atraib, etarru, ettarru, etarro, etorro, eturra, atarru, eatorra, etarruib, etoroi

prep. with acc. Lenites in Mid. Ir. Forms: eter, Wb. 10b21 . 12b12 . 13c26 . 14b10 . 15a29 . 21b15 . 26d5 . 27c15 ; 36 . 28d27 . LU 11a36 ; 41 . Rawl. 48bz . 25b37 . 71a19 . etir, Wb. 28d25 ; 31 . Ml. 18d24 . 19d2 ; 20 . 25d1 . 34d20 . 35a19 . 37d10 . 38b1 . 38d13 . 39a7 . 39c12 . 47c18 . 53d12 . 56b33 . 58a11 . 69a18 . 76c5 . 92a13 . 97a7 . 102a7 . 103b15 ; 16 . 103d14 . 114b17 122d7 . 136c1 ; 3 ; 4 . 137c8 . 140a2 . Sg. 72a2 . LU 3a11 . LL 220b42 . 230a11 . Rawl. 49b37 . etar, Sg. 212a11 . eada, Mon. Tall. § 30 . itar, Sg. 203a16 . hitar 203b9 . 212a15 . idir, BB 289a24 . YBL 401a26 .

With pron. suff.: 1 s. etrom, Sg. 217b11 . etrum, Hy vii 48 . adrumsa, BCC § 179 . 2 s. etrut, TBC-LL¹ 884 . etrutsa, LB 174a43 . adru, Ériu iii 164.26 . adrud 164.25 . adrad, IGT, Decl. ex. 2060 . eadra, Matthew xviii 15 . 3 s. etir, Wb. 28b3 . LU 44a28 . 1 pl. etronn Wb. 15a32 . Rawl. 65a21 . etrunn, Wb. 31a11 . étrunn Ml. 38c28 . eadrainn, YBL 401b2 . eadroinn, TD 15.1 . atruinn, IT iii 242.242 . With emph. suff.: etrunni, Wb. 12b12 . etruinde, YBL 276c10 . eadruinn, Acts xv 9 . 2 pl. etruib, Wb. 24c22 . 27b18 ; 21 . LU 107b42 . LL 260a39 . etruibsi, LB 223bx . eadruibh, IGT, Decl. ex. 1041 . eadraibh, TD 2.47 . Matthew xvi 8 . atraib, CCath. 1669 . 3 pl. etarru, Wb. 7d10 . Sg. 163b6 . 200b7 . 209b33 . 217b9 . Ml. 72c9 . 78b11 . 112a8 . 119d10 . LU 6b9 . LL 402b27 . ettarru, Wb. 33b18 . etarro, Sg. 150b6 . 151b5 . LU 27b24 . 30a17 . etorro, LU 43b33 . eturra, LB 223b52 . atarru, 236b6 . eatorra, TBC-LL¹ 2214 . TD 9.13 . Matthew xv 7 . etarruib, IT i 76.18 v.l. etoroi, Hib. Min. 17.291 .

I Between (two individuals or groups)

(a) of spatial, also of personal, moral and reciprocal relations. For convenience of reference the exx. in this subsection are classified as follows: (a) the objects of the prep. are denoted respectively by the suff. or independent pron. and a subst.; (b) the objj. are denoted by suff. pron.; (c) each of the objj. is a subst. (sg. or pl.) or each is a pron.; (d) the objj. are denoted by a dual subst.; (e) a pl. or collect. subst.

(a) ni fil fiál etronn et Crist, Wb. 15a32 . Corm. Y 989 . etir fessin et doíni (gl. mediator Dei et hominum) Wb. 28b3 . robbet etrom ocus phein, Hy v 96 . daratailc itir ┐ a brat TBC-I¹ 1278 . sliab Ḟ. etrut ┐ Emain, TBC-LL¹ 884 . ná léig edrom as mfeithiomh, LB 200.21 . ná leig beind...adrad ┐ Eire, IGT, Decl. ex. 2060 . cindus edrud ┐ an Cristaidhi? how goes it between thee and the Christian? ZCP vi 287.4 . lig edruinde ┐ cāch leave us to settle with everybody 36.2 . ná léig eadrainn is aoinneach do not leave me to contend alone with any TD 30.4 (see léicid). ro suid eidir e ┐ rig Ulad, MR 66.8 . tarla imresain iter se ┐ mac rechtaire na T., BCC § 168 . do bi fairce itir se ┐ an t-inadh sin § 271 . The pl. pron. is often used idiomatically, including by anticipation the second obj. with the first: dorigne Ioib leathsmacht mor etarru ┐ Mercuir between him and M. BB 4a20 . releic comdílsi etarru ┐ in snechta between him and the snow Moling 7.67 . tuc [an ingen] a láimh etorra ┐ a léinid, Acall. 3710 (`between herself and her smock' SG ii 198.5 ). ro suid eturru ┐ rig Ulad between him and the king FDG 583 ( = eidir e ocus r., MR 66.8 ). atorchair eturra ┐ Coin C. he and C. fought Ériu i 124.18 . iii 166.37 . contudchaidside etarru ┐ cranna `came between her and [her] spearshafts' iv 22.20 . tic M. do saigid a brathar ┐ doroinde sith celgi etarro ┐ a clann between him and her children RC xxiv 178.12 . cein robúi A. a nirt comoralta epistle etorru ┐ D., Alex. 802 = Anecd. v 1.6 . In O. Ir. the subst. immediately following the conjunction is regularly nom. Only when the article precedes is it acc. ( etarru ┐ ingréin, Ml. 112a8 ). See KZ liii 83 ff .; In: is e comartha robui etarru si ┐ Coin C., Ériu, ii 22.19 , the scribe may have considered si ┐ C. as explanatory of the pron. (b) ber brith étrunn (inter me et inimicos meos) Ml. 38c28 . dorigénsat dechor etarru, Wb. 7d10 . Hib. Min. 8.276 . roboí commant n-etarru du denum uilc, Ml. 78b11 . is cían etarru 119d10 . ni cian etruib, TBC-LL¹ 1652 . cuing airgit etarru (of two birds) CCC 2 LU. is bec duit etorro they are much the same (in relation) to you 7 LU. atá Slíab F. etruib (i.e. between thee and Emain, but this may belong to the idiomatic use noted below) LU 4866 . nothogfaindse etruib far ndís between you both IT i 72.18 . ar in ccompantas fil edrainn, TBC-LL¹ 2220 . nocho betis beóil bána | etraind is airm ilága there would not be white lips and weapons between us 4105 . ní maith etraib re haitrib aeninaid `you do not find it easy to live together' Ériu viii 4.27 . gan aoinneach ann eatorra, TD 9.12 ; 35 . bágh na healadhna eadruinn, 23.5 . fearr...iná' lot eadroibh than that it should be destroyed (in the contest) between you 2.43 . suil bheas aimhréidh eatarra lest there be disagreement between them 24.3 . Cf. runn dergōir itir suidiu between these latter (two) IT i 137.15 ( CCC 2 Eg.). With ellipse of second obj.: cisalpina... .i. in Gallia cenalpande. cen Alpai ṅ-etarru, Sg. 217b9 . (cis Rhenum) .i. cen Rian ṅ-etrom 217b10 . tocuiriur etrum indiu inna huli nert so, Hy vii 48 . ní gar dogebhthar an ingin...fuil muir ┐ tír adrud sea and land are between thee (and her) Ériu iii 164.25 . ata fairgi mor adrut, ib. 26 . With a slightly different construction: consáiter etrunni mad tú between me and thee IT iii 244.1 (see KZ xlviii 52 ). See also end of c below. (c) in maceries roboí eter Dia et roboí eter corpu et anmana, Wb. 21b15 . dechur fil eter lanamnas et ógi 10b21 . dechur itir doíni ┐ idlu, Ml. 138c1 . triasin imresain fil etrum ┐ tu, MacCarthy 70.6 . rocroth M. a brat eter Coin C. ┐ Faind, IT i 227.1 ( = LU 50b ). cathir fil etir Ninues ┐ Thala, LU 1b25 . co torchair eter Ailill ┐ Medb, FB 61 . facbail obele itir bu ┐ laega, Laws i 232.5 . tainic itir in ingin ┐ a hédach, RC vi 175.6 . tiocfa an lán eadruibh is é, IGT, Decl. ex. 1041 . ná leig eadrainn agus inn protect me from myself Dán Dé xxii 17 . na hoiléinsi thoir | atá idir Ḟódla is Alboin, TD 24.6 . imthigh agus spreag é eadrad féin agus é féin amháin tell him his fault between thee and him alone Matthew xviii 15 . éidirdhealughadh eadruinne ┐ iad, Acts xv 9 . naoi n-iomaire eatorra agus é, Keat. ii 5202 . Of disputes, etc. cumusc...etir cenel nEogain ┐ Ultu, AU 892 . scanner etir ḟiru M. ┐ Airghiallu, 1050 . rofhás...cosnam eter na Gregaib ┐ na Latintu, PH 322 . RC xviii 167.23 . BB 12a4 . cath eter Tuathaib D. ┐ Fomoraib, 11b38 = MacCarthy 292 . a fil eter findruini ocus dergór as gold exceeds findruine FB 58 . a mbí idir ór is umha, TD 7.21 . idir mhéid meanma is mhíne | bhios aicill na hairdrighe 20.4 . The subst. may be represented by a vn. phrase: idir bheith ard is ísioll | do-chuaidh (i.e. he took a mean course) TD 20.38 . With omission of second obj. before the dependent gen. which distinguishes it from the first: dechur etir deacht maic ┐ athar, Ml. 24d25 . dorronad síid eter muntir nime et talman, Wb. 26d5 . do denamh sithe itir feruib Erend ┐ Alban, BCC § 318 . With idiomatic ellipse of second obj.: romboí fial amirisse eter a cride between their hearts and him Wb. 15a29 (see also end of b above). (d) atá coitchennas itar indi brethir so, Sg. 203a16 . in criss tessaigthe... | eter na da mesraigthe, SR 160 . súil cháirech eter da rethi, IT i 82.1 . crandcaingil eter cach da claiss FA 13 LU. rond argit eter cach dá en, CCC 2 LU. ro crochad Crist eter na dá latrand, PH 1209 . an sruth... idir in dá sluagh, BCC § 174 . co ruc itir a dha laimh air 309 . ass eter dā thēcht `milk of medium thickness' MacCongl. 101.9 . (e) C. ro crochad eter na latrandu, PH 2257 . cid atá etir na clarlestraib, LU 3a11 . urba itir fēraib, Laws i 232.6 . filleadh bruit edir dheimhis, IGT, Decl. ex. 1374 . Cf. an t-eidirdhealughadh ata idir pheannaide gach droinge, Rule of Tallaght § 52 .

(b) of intervals of time: atá etarro immedon, Sg. 151b5 . dos ánic dunebad eter da domnach, LU 15b26 . it cóic deich lathe airmither eter cháisc...┐ sollamain in cengcaigis, PH 5415 . robatar indsin etir da thráth din ló, LL 122b8 = RC iii 184 . eadar dí nodlaic, Mon. Tall. § 30 . canith M. etir cach [da] salm ...`sancte M.' § 8 . etir theirt ┐ medhoin laei, AU 916 . ca med lā | idir m'ēg san tē thesdā between my death and his who has gone YBL 401a26 .

II Among (the members of a group) with pl. or collect.: óentad etruib immanetar, Wb. 27b21 . amal file óentid eter baullu coirp duini, 12b12 . a ndorogbid etruib, 27b18 . cinirbo etruib robammarni, 24c22 . etir tuaith among lay- folk 28d25 . etir na trogai (gl. inter aerumnas) Ml. 38d13 . eter tonna [t(h)onnaib v.l.] trethain, Fél. Nov. 23 . atá imfrecrae etir inna cethri fersu, Ml. 58a11 . hua[n] chomchétbaid són roboí etir inna cenéla du ulc frit, 103d14 . ní berat fírbrithemnachta etir in n-aís dutiagat inna reir 103b16 . eter libru (.i. ...eter lebraib), LU 11a36 (ACC). eter scolaib, 11a41 . dot fastad eiter tuaid ;...nit bera-sam eiter tuaid to detain thee among the laity. He shall not carry thee off among the laity Mon. Tall. § 66 . in tan doberthar in cauradmir etruib, FB 59 . dá charpat rempe ┐ da charpat na diaid ┐ da charpat cechtar a da tǽb ┐ carpat eturru ar medon, TBC-LL¹ 696 . luid...etorru ar medón went into the midst of them 900 . tarrustar [Ísu] eturra [sic leg.] ar medón, PH 6673.6823 , etc. fáid eter fháidib... apstal eter apstalu, 879 . atbertsat etarru buden, LB 2a46 (= PH 118 ). ba hed atberdis-sen atarru fessin, 236b6 . co tucam aichne fair iter [itir?] cách that we may recognise him among all others 175b28 = PH 1965 . dorat imcossaít eter na mná, FB 21 . dodeochatar na noib so... i n-ógbrathirsi etir na cenela, ZCP viii 315.19 . a mbith i scrin eturru that they might have them in a shrine (a saint's relics) BColm. 96.7 . do tocbatar a muindtir fen an duine ...etorra ass in luing, BCC § 259 . bai imchosnum...eter a coic macaib, RC xxiv 176.7 . robad astrach...eter sídaib would journey among fairy-mounds IT i 215.22 . eatorra do hoileadh mé, TD 3.47 . eidir ṡaorchlannaibh ṡíol N. | do bhínn, 28.21 . ré bliadhna...dúinn...idir ḟiadhaibh Éirionn `in the wilds' 15.10 . rorand in doman a tri eter a triur mac, BB 11a19 (= MacCarthy 286 ). do randad Eriu eter na coigeadhachaib BB 13a5 = MacCarthy 304.1 . itir gach ní da raibhe scribtha and, adubhairt se..., BCC § 243 § 216 . With rel. part. before verb: ond áes tuaithe eterarrobæ, Wb. 28b32 .

III Followed by two or more objj. connected by ocus (or is) both...(and), including...(and) (cf. trian dib fria clais, trian fria croit, trian etir clais ┐ croit, Hib. Min. 9.280 ): with a s.: etir maith et saich both good and bad Wb. 8c20 . eter ógi et lanamnas, 9d26 . cense fri cách eter carit et escarit, 30b27 . eter soír et doír, eter mug et coimdid, 27c15 . cech rét...etir glan ┐ anglan, Ml. 69a18 . ɔdib innon in fogor hitar hothad ┐ hilar, Sg. 203b9 . a n-étguda eter chorcair ┐ gorm ┐ dub..., buide ┐ brecc, etc. TBC-LL¹ 66 . a tairbirt uili...eter mnaí is fer, SR 5648 . lucht na cathrach etir ṡen ┐ óc, LL 230a7 (= TTr. 944 ). PH 186 . no churfed in Troe fó gin gai...etir ḟer ┐ mnaí mac ┐ ingin, LL 229b38 (= TTr. 928 ). Studies 1920, 566 . slán eter chorp ┐ anmain, PH 419 . na cressa...eter úacht ocus tess, FA 26 . rofegsatar in tír | etir min ocus anmín SR 4670 . roderscaigestar a tech so eter adbur ┐ elathain, etir cháimi ┐ chumtachtæ, FB 1 . oc iarraid mna do dinguala etir cruth ┐ deilb ┐ ecuscc , IT i 119.1 . Ériu i 218.15 . ro sirsit hErinn ule itir thes ┐ túaid, IT i 119.6 . rodalaitseom etir anair ┐ aniar, 99.7 . Content. xxviii 8 . dolluid [in sindach] fon caillid ┐ sloig Laigen eter chois ┐ ech ┐ choin inna degaid, IT i 46.27 = LB 65b55 . as tú an beó... | do-ní idir eó ┐ énlaith, IGT, Decl. ex. 651 . idir éasga is ghaoith is ghréin | diall ruibh, TD 21.43 . co ro lládh a n-ár etir ergabail ┐ marbadh, RC xvii 355 . ag breith breithe eter beth a tocht ┐ ag labhra, BNnÉ 123.11 (in: a thindscra...itir ingen ┐ decelt, etc. YBL 32a25 = TBC-I¹ 1635 , ingen may be a scribal slip). Cf. tinne da mer do miter itir a tiug ┐ a tana, da dorn itir ┐ a tiug, a do itir ┐ a tana, da mer itir ┐ eipe a droma, ocht nduirn a fot ┐ ceithri duirn a leithit, Laws ii 246.3 , where: itir ┐ a tiug, itir ┐ a tana, lit. between it and its fat (lean), may mean including its fat (lean). tinne tri mer itir a tiug ┐ a tana, 248.10 . Cf. however ZCP xiv 352 . With a p.: etar fileda ┐ aís ndénma sairse chenæ, Sg. 212a11 . trian in tsluaig... | eter angle is archangle, SR 1838 . airnisi in gobann huili etir bulgu ┐ urdu ┐ indeoin, ZCP viii 304.36 . dia mbetís eter biu ┐ marbu Ulaid i n-oenbali the U. both living and dead LL 109b3 . marbad in tslóig archena etir maccu ┐ ingena, senóre ┐ sentuinne, 230a 11 = TTr. 947 With d p.: eidir themploibh ┐ mhainistrechoip ...tri tempaill is dá fichit, Fl. Earls 98.12 . With a p. and a s.: eter mo chuimregasa et líin dia pridchimm, Wb. 27c36 . Cf. oc imarbaig eter a feraib ocus siat fesni, FB 29 , where the construction is loose (see ZCP iii 418 ).

IV In: etir in n-inilligud (gl. intra tutum) Ml. 47c18 , the prep. is used = Lat. intra `within'; but this is an isolated case and prob. due to confusion betw. intra and inter on part of glossator.