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ar-eim Accepts, receives
con-eim protects, preserves, secures
1 do-eim 1 covers, shelters, hides 2 protects, defends; protects from, against
1 éim , ém 1 further, moreover
2 éim prompt, ready, timely; it is timely, opportune, for me; I deem it timely, seasonable (?); timely, prompt, opportune; untimely, unready
éimdid, éimid, éim(d)igid 1 Refuses, rejects 2 Fails
fo-eim , -foím, -fóem 1 accepts, receives (person or thing; DI or ó from), often with notion of approv- ing, countenancing 2 agrees to (a proposal), consents (to do something), with neg. refuses; undertakes, attempts 3 accepts (ill-treatment, etc.), submits to, allows 4 yields, concedes, grants, allows
ind-eim receives