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Last Revised: 2019

n o, m. (4 ar) bread: a.¤ fonither . . . dia domnaich, Mon. Tall. 132.20 (§ 13) . dand erán (sic) `as to the bread', 151.25 (§ 63) . salann for a.¤ cen ím, IT iii 49 § 89 . saill, loim, im ┐ aran, Laws v 64.19 Comm. ass ┐ a.¤ , LL 200a32 . gorta mor ┐ ircra aran (sic), CS 132.19 . aran lethtirim, Hib. Min. 67.1 . a.¤ eorna barley bread, Lism. L. 2734 . a.¤ cruithnechta wheaten bread, 2735 . a.¤ gel gl. placenta, Ir. Gl. 286 . loaf: dona cóic aranaibh, Lism. L. 3599 . aon a.¤ ┐ órda éiscc , BNnÉ 216.7 . cúig aráin ┐ dá íasg, Matthew xiv 17 . Of the consecrated wafer: tar eis coisregtha an arain ┐ an fhiona, Luc. Fid. 249.6 . do chaithemh arain cho[isrictha], Lism. L. xx.y . See also compds. of 1 garb, 1 min, 1 tur.


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adj o-ā (neg. of cinntech),

(a) indefinite, undetermined (in sense, extent or number), uncertain : is ecintech in gním arafolmathar (gl. futurum cum incertum sit) Sg. 147b4 . is ecintech in tert-persan the third person is indefinite 211b10 . athgabail ecinntech `not the exact measure (of the claim but) distress' Laws i 64.19 Comm. smachtgilli ecinntech, 276.8 Comm. (tar ceart no dligedh .i.) im fiachuib cinntacha .i. im ecinntach ascertained debts...not ascertained ii 70.9 Comm. saor ┐ daor .i. cinntech ar ecinntech sin ar na uile daine i Senchas Mar certain for uncertain (i.e. definite, fixed categories) i 42.3 Comm. The phr. cinntech ar éccintech is frequently applied to the use of a definite number to express an unascertained one like Engl. in round numbers : cet cell cosa taet tonn mara ┐ cintech ar ecintech ann, ACC 93 ( RC xx 270 ). cóic cét óenach immosech | cid cintech ar écintech, Metr. Dinds. iv 158 . Hence, with no number expressed, to denote a vast indefinite number : co ro marbhadh cinntech ar eccintech díobh `an unascertained number' AFM vi 2028 z . cinntech ar eccinntech da gach cenel eiscc [sic leg.] Leb. Gab.(i) i 266 .

(b) infinite, unbounded, innumerable : is cindtech ┐ is eicindtech...airem muintiri nime .i. cindtech em i lleth fria Dia ┐ ecindtech i leth fria dainib, YBL 169b28 = PH 6217 . airem ar immatt eccintech reckoning an infinite number CCath. 4401 . robo aiream for eccinteach, Expugn. Hib. 37 .

1 gaire

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n (gar) , f.

(a) proximity, nearness (of time or space) an nodlaic ata inar ngoire, BNnÉ 59.13 . bás do beith 'na ghoiri, Lism. L. 2879 . Conversely : a ngaire do bas, ITS xix 88.13 . co tísat im gaire, Ériu i 226 § 4 . ar gaire an inaidh near the place, Maund. § 191 . a n-goire a g-cloidheamh, ML 124.21 . Conversely : ro ghabhastair a chloidheamh ... iona ghoire, 112.18 . a ngoiri do tṡechtmuin close upon a week, AU iii 538.21 . duibhe tá i ngoire gile `darkness beside whiteness,' Ir. Monthly 1919, 227.31 . tre goire a ngaoil the nearness of their kinship TFrag. 182.23 . ar ghoire do ghaoil, Dán Dé xi 11 . Fig. nách tigid dá ngoire a ccruas crábhuidh that they (i.e. the foreign saints) do not come near them in austerity of virtue, Mac Aingil 351.12 .

(b) convenience (through proximity) : ar gaire ēiscc ┐ usci and, BColm. 28 § 29 . ar gaire leo a conad ocus a uisce, Laws i 2.6 . mo chaire ón mo chaire | maith in sét ar a ghaire `a special rare thing for its handy use,' SG 248.29 (or= 2 gaire ?).

(c) nearness (in a hostile sense): mairg nech bias na gaire ... .i. i nderedh domuin, Fen. 256.4 . Mairg bias ar gaire don cnoc `Woe to him who's opposed to the hill,' ib. 270.5 .

1 portach

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adj. < 1 port? portach leug | todaidm [leg. tomaidm] n-ēisc, IT iii 63 § 124 (Laud 610, Song of Amairgen) = partach lág, LL 12b50 = fortacht laigh | mṅiportach lugh, BB 39b27 = portac[h] laid `a port song', Leb. Gab.(i) i 268.3 , glossed: as laoidh ataim do dhenomh ag port ar daigh eiscc do tobruchtadh uaidh `this is a song I am making at a port (? shore) that fish may burst from it', i.e. a song on reaching land? i rre Abraim mod mór 's derbda portach Partholón , LL 144a18 (synchronistic poem by Gilla in Choimded) = it is certain that P. landed? Cf. the epithet portglan applied to Partholón (1 port compds.) and portachas.

1 tarcon

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n a kind of fish: glacad eiscc re nabur t.¤ cuiusdam piscis qui vocatur tarcon, Rosa Angl. 248.15 . See Gloss.

1 trosc

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n (O.N. þorskr, Bidrag 93.4 ) codfish: co haigen na ttroscc ttonnbras, glossed: gus an ocen ar a mbí an cenél éiscc sin, Leb. Gab.(i) 96.4 . langa is trosg, Iar Conn. 289.9 .