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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: eamhnadh

u, m. (vn. of 1 emnaid) doubling: eamhnadh .i. dubladh, O'Cl.emnad fil and amal sodin there is no iteration in that case (referring to geminavit dictionem) Ml. 76d2 . emnad mutae doubling of a mute Sg. 16b7 . emnad .l. doubling of l (refers to misellus) 48 a9 . as n-ed fodera emnad .i. the doubling of i 120 a4 . 3a11 . 59a3 , 10 . cech oenfocol...bec do filliud .i. do emnad ut est hoc: agur, agur, etc. RC xx 144 w . LB 238 [d] b63 . ni bhi eamhnad in n-ogam, Auraic. 439 . 2890 . a imrind do emnad conidh coimdes a cumasc fri cechtar na da randaigecht (of quatrains with similar rimes in both couplets) IT iii 68.13 . Cf. ar n-emnadh nith, Anecd. ii 52.15 . flescach ┐ emnad ┐ cairched acon timpánach imarcraigh, H 3.18 87 , ZCP xx 483 .