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Last Revised: 2019


Forms: epert, ebert, aipert, ebear, ebirt, epert, ebirt, ebert, eipirt, eperte, epertae, eperta, eperta, eper

n ā, f. (vn. of as-beir) n s. ind epert , Sg. 25b10 . ebert, Ml. 35c27 . aipert, 50b8 . ebear, Lec. Gl. 190 . ebirt, O'Cl. Later 1 abairt, q.v. a s. tri epert , Ml. 92c4 . d s. ebirt, 40c6 . ebert, 94a2 . eipirt, LL 330e8 . g s. eperte, Wb. 24c5 . epertae, Ml. 59a18 . inna eperta , Sg. 207 b9 . n p. inna eperta , 73b2 . g p. eper , Auraic. 592 (< BB 320a13 ).

a) saying, uttering; a saying, utterance, dictum, word: ebeart .i. rad, Lec. Gl. 190 . ebirt .i. rádh, O'Cl. sluindith folad ind epert the word [= dictio] expresses substance Sg. 25b10 . ba contra spem dó epert fris rombad pater to tell him Wb. 2c24 . ómun epertae nad rabae fear of saying that there was not Ml. 59d18 . ebert dó domine that he should say `domine' 35c27 .

With prolept. pron.: iarna epirt do Dia biat after God said: let them be 51d13 . a epert cluinte the use of (the word) `hear' 136a10 .

nirbo chuit eperte tantum (gl. non fuit in sermone tantum) Wb. 24c5 . is irdorcu epirt it is clearer than speech (i.e. it is needless to say) 28b32 . Ml. 122d7 . Sg. 23b3 . cia etirscartar inna eperta bíte isin chomsuidigthiu , Sg. 73b2 . in gach æ-ebirt ilfoclaig, BB 328b1 = Auraic. 1557 (= aoneipert ilfoclach, 4787 < YBL 239b2 ). ordugud comimaircide na n-epert = ordinatio congrua dictionum Auraic. 592 . fir dianad cuma a n-epeirt ┐ a n-aicde whose word is as good as their deed, whose word is their bond Laws iii 4. 15 Comm. Cóic Con. p. 18 z . Laws iii 326.25 Comm. (eipirt). eipert ┐ aiccde .i. fer risnad cuma .i. risnad comor, a abairt do fein ┐ bad ucca toghaide lais trebaire air ann, O'Dav. 795 . Cóic Con. p. 18.11 . cid teite for fornaidm caich? Ni ansa. Miach for breithir [.i.] aipert boairech [sic leg. Bürgschaft p. 12 ] the declaration ZCP xiii 24.5 (but: aperta, 19.31 . aipert, 20.16 seem to belong to idbart).

(b) description: ebirt .i. tuarasgbháil. as í a ebirt chomhadhais .i. as í a thuarasgbháil chomhadhais, O'Cl. is lia indisi ┐ epirt a ndo ligdath doadbat beyond telling Ériu ii 114.8 .