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esgaire, esngaire

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Forms: esṅgaire

io, n. later f. (?) (vn. of as-congair): public notice, proclamation, notice: inbleogan .i. escaire, O'Dav. 1145 . eascaire .i. furfhogra, O'Cl. esccaire cecha maithiusa ┐ irgaire cacha huilc, O'Mulc. 830f . (n p.) inna esṅgaire (gl. edicta) Ml. 105c6 . foruaccart M. in eassgaire n-airdeirc dia n-érbairt cech aen do Gaoidhealaibh...taed as dia thír fodhesin, AFM ii 712.7 . In Laws, Comm.: dechmadh re hescaire in cairde `ten days for proclaiming the `cairde'-regulations' Laws iii 132.14 . iar na hescuire ┐ iar na hurfogra after making proclamation and giving warning of her (a mad cow) v 154.11 . duine fuarastir frithi beach ┐ fiach gaidi ata intib uair na dearna a n-esgairi because he did not announce (having found) them iv 202.20 . escaire in frithi tiri co secht n-inadaib `the land-waif is to be proclaimed up to seven places' v 330.23 . esgaire an frithe fairgi fona tri crichaib is nesa do muir...┐ a escaire do loingsechaib mara, 330.25 . eascaire na cuithighi do rig ┐ do thuaith warning of a pitfall should be sent to the king and the community iii 272.8 . ar scath escaire on account of notice 410.29 . rolaad gairm escaire for naomaib hErenn, id est...slat ┐ sop cacha boithe dona tri C. a summons was sent... i.e. to supply a rod and a wisp from each hut BColm. 54.21 . Cf. esngairthe.