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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: etercert, etarceirt, etarcert, etarceirt, eterchert, etarceirt, étarcerta, etarcerta, etarcerta, eterchertaib

n ā, f. later m. (cert but see Éigse xxvi 20 ) n s. ind etercert , Ml. 2d2 . ind etarceirt , Sg. 207b9 . etarcert, Wb. 27a10 . a s. etarceirt Wb. 4c24 . eterchert (: becht), Metr. Dinds. iii 296.58 . d s. etarceirt, Wb. 12d8 . 13a26 . g s. étarcerta, Wb. 12d22 . etarcerta, Sg. 207b9 (cf. SR 2382 , cited below). n p. etarcerta, Sg. 220a2 . d p. eterchertaib, LB 146a38 .

I Interpreting, an interpretation (in the exx. from PH below etar represents MS et with bar over t): issi etercert indí as maria princeps cum Deo the interpretation of M. is `princeps, etc.' Tur. 64 . issí ind etarceirt, Sg. 207b9 . act ropo cho n-etarceirt inna mbélre sin with interpretation of those languages Wb. 13a26 . am tualang a hétarcerta I am able to interpret it 12d22 . a n-etarcerta la Grecu = quorum interpretationes apud Graecos Sg. 220a2 . do thomus ┐ do figuir ┐ do eterchert na haircce the interpretation (meaning, symbolism) of the ark Rawl. 70a15 . cid uathad in timnasa i fhoclaib, aráide is lethan hi ceill ┐ i tinntúd ┐ i n-etarchert, PH 5839 . aingil, is inand iar n-etarchert fhocuil ┐ `techtaireda', 7151 . archangeli...dianid etarcert `summi nuntii' 6252 . amen is é a etarchert ic Aquil `fideliter' 7982 . anmanna na n-apstal cona n-eterchertaib, LB 146a38 .

II Investigating, discussing; distinguishing, determining: is he besad felsub, etarcert di dúlib `to dissertate concerning the elements' Wb. 27a10 . etarcert di phecthib `a dissertation concerning sins' 29c10 . im etarceirt a messa im Dia `disputing His judgment with God' (gl. quis es, qui respondeas Deo) 4c24 . ohṡain co bráth, brígach beirt, | nidam snímach etercheirt (as for the period) from this till Doomsday, I am not concerned to discuss it (i.e. the future is outside my province or my cares) SR 2382 . o roḟollsig Dia do S. immud ecnai ┐ eolais fria hetarchert co leir do aicned cech retai `for penetrating clearly into the nature of each thing' PH 3975 . eterceart na haimsire `the proper division of time' MR 108.13 . Judgment, decision: nách dernad etercert dúib hi Cruachain la hAilill ┐ la Meidb?, FB 75 . brithem cen fúasnad, etirchert cen écnach a decision without cavilling Triads 175 ( eidirchert gan éaccnach .i. breithemnas gan ithiomradh [sic leg.] 'na dhiaigh, p. 41 ).