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do-feth comes, goes
2 feth a stick or shaft(?)
1 féth A magic mist, veil, which renders those under it invisible; a mask, vizard, hood; a disguise that rendered the wearer unknown or invisible; depression, gloom
2 féth a breeze; eddies(?); ebullitions
3 féth calm, stillness, esp. at sea (cf. 3 féith); In moral sense quietness, tranquillity; calm and still; a dead calm; a calm sea
4 féth Of craftsman's work, smoothness, finish, polish?; Used as adj. = smooth, finished (?) ;
5 féth of physical condition, sleekness, a healthy or flourishing appearance, and in wider sense looks, appearance (of health or the reverse)
6 féth , feth Art, know- ledge, technical skill?