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1 fa, ba, fo whether ... or not
fo , fa, fá 1 under, beneath; under sun (heaven) i.e. alive; in the world; Esp. in sense of carrying, supporting; of direction towards, into, through:; undertakes, attempts; esp. of impact, collision, attack; turns on, attacks; assail; throughout, over, gen. of motion; on; about, around (contamination of IMM; Hence hard by, near (?) 2 under ;; thus; secretly; sub specie; in unison(?); on a course (?); of grammatical function, in Glosses (a particular appli- cation of preceding); actively ... passively; as a negative; in the neuter; underlying; under, subject to; submits to, undergoes; assumes; leaves at the discretion (mercy) of:; under (a name, head, rubric, etc.); under = less than; inferior to; according to, in accordance with; in that case, in accordance with that; like, corresponding to; lit. in proportion to i.e. in requital of (?)cf. (q); with numerals as multiplicative; twice; twice; at, by; usually means by that time but occasionally at (with) that; during; Of approximate time of an occurrence, at, about; on Sundays; in respect of, as regards; lavish of; About, concerning; Of mocking; On account of; along with, including (= imm); after vbs. of swearing, asseverating,; in return for,3I intend; is liable for (?); impugns; is decided upon by; incites; I settle down; as (of manner) 4 rather, somewhat
1 fó good; hail!; I deem good, like, am satisfied (with; I care not, am indifferent; it is good (no harm) for me; `well-footed' [?]
2 fó a prince, lord (poet.)
fo-ácaib 1 leaves; quit; Departs from, forsakes; Leaves remaining; Leaves behind i.e. outstrips (in a race); relinquishes, renounces; leaves (in a certain state); sets aside, excepts, stipulates; leaves with, in the hands of, in possession of; at the mercy of; leaves (as a duty) to:; leaves behind (on a battle-field, etc.), loses (of persons and things); leaves behind (at death); Hence bequeathes; leaves (instructions, a charge, command, etc.); Of a salutation, farewell; leaves a word i.e. a blessing, malediction, etc.; placing, inflicting; leaves (on record), hands down (a statement, etc.); leaves out, omits 2 is left, remains 3 departs, gets away
fo-acain sings to, accompanies in song
fo-accomla subjoins
fo-áitbi laughs, chuckles, smiles; laughs at
fo-álgi Lays low, prostrates, throws down
fo-ammámaigedar subjugates
fo-árraid comes up with, overtakes
fo-bá dies, perishes
fo-bádi submerges
fo-beir 1 abases, subdues, impairs (?) 2 introduces, occasions 3 dips, submerges 4 passes under (?)
fo-ben 1in wide sense attacks (insidiously), impairs, spoils, invalidates 2of attacking or wounding an enemy
fo-botha 1is alarmed, frightened 2Generally trans. scares, alarms, disturbs
fo-bráena drops (below), distils
fo-brúchta spews forth, casts up
fo-cain `sings under,' chants; accompanies, bears a burden (in song or music); Causative causes to sing, sounds (?)
fo-carta 1 clears away, thrusts away 2 sends (?)
fo-ceil hides, conceals (below), in follg. exx. used of hiding or burying the dead
fo-ceird 1 sets, puts, places; applies; displays, exhibits; plants, sows; Of pitching (a tent), throwing up (a pile, mound), erecting, etc.; throws, casts, often of missiles; throws away, loses; casts lots; casts down, overthrows; upsets, prostrates; throws off, expels; drops, sheds; puts forth, emits, sends out; launches (a boat); offers, grants (to); lays, imposes (on); bestows (on); takes counsel; plans; turns, twists, makes a stir; goes round; visits; searches; makes a contract or agreement; makes a leap, jumps, springs; rests; of sounds, noises: utters, makes; raises (a shout, cry); sighs; snores; cheers; performs, executes, wages; of defeated side; of opponent; slaughters; overthrows in battle 2had achieved; fall asleep; struck; alighted 3 weighs on, grieves, vexes; scares (?)
fo-cessa carries or drives away, removes (?)
fo-cíallathar 1 pays heed to, takes care of (for), provides for; gets ready, prepares for, provides for beforehand; gets (something) ready, provides; esp. of anticipating enemies, dangers, etc., bewares of, is on one's guard against 2 Appoints, engages, employs (a pers.) (?); attends upon, ministers to
fo-cing advances, proceeds (?)
fo-claid digs under , digs up, undermines, excavates
fo-clóena causes to bend
fo-cluinethar hears, overhears (?)
fo-cná corrodes, wastes, consumes (?) (trans. and intr.)
fo-coisle(a) 1 takes away, abstracts, carries off; Distrains (?); lengthen 2 foxlar is sometimes put for fastar `it is bound, confirmed,
fo-comairc inquires
fo-cren 1 buys, purchases, gives an equivalent for (something); is value for (something) 2 pays, hires, recompenses
fo-cridigedar girds
fo-crotha makes quiver, shakes
fo-cuir, fo-cuirethar Throws, casts; puts; sends; Sends; makes a circuit, visits; wreaks slaughter; Invites, summons
fo-daim 1 suffers, endures 2 bears with (a pers.); submits to, brooks, tolerates, allows; submits to (?)
fo-dáli 1 distributes, dispenses, apportions, bestows; distributing food 2 dispenses, disseminates; sends in different directions, dis- perses; they disperse i.e. move away; unyoke 3 divides (into parts or sections); rend asunder; branch off; Shares
fo-dechtsa, fo-dechta, fo-decht, bu(d)-decht, bu(d)-desta Now, directly; now and hence- forth; here follows
fo-dedla subdivides (?); separates, deducts (?)
fo-derca looks, gazes
fo-derga reddens (by bloodshed)
fo-diben deprives (?)
fo-díla remains, remains over (?); remainder
fo-dluigi splits, rends
fo-dorda murmurs, grumbles
*fo-drúba delays, lingers
fo-égi raises an outcry or alarm; Legal term, objects to, protests against, disallows
fo-eim, -foím, -fóem 1 accepts, receives (person or thing; DI or ó from), often with notion of approv- ing, countenancing 2 agrees to (a proposal), consents (to do something), with neg. refuses; undertakes, attempts 3 accepts (ill-treatment, etc.), submits to, allows 4 yields, concedes, grants, allows
fo-éitsi understands
fo-ella turns aside
fo-émid, for-émid 1is unable, fails; refuses, shirks
fo-epil dies, perishes
fo-érig raises from below (?); rises (to attack (?) ); up!
fo-feiscren, fo-faiscren decays, fails (?)
fo-fen gets back an equivalent, recovers (expenditure) (?)
fo-fera 1 prepares, provides, brings about; furnish, provide; in special sense prepares, provides; get ready; causes, produces, brings to pass; causes 2 which causes (caused); causes (something to be done), orders; observes, notices
fo-fich 1 trespasses, commits an offence, does injury
fo-fitir knows
fo-fodair destroys
fo-fúasna 1 agitates, disturbs 2in Laws, attacks, impugns (a contract, etc.)
fo-gaib, fo-geib 1 finds, meets with, discovers (in a place); discovers 2 finds 3 gets, gains, obtains, procures 4 gets, induces (some one to do something) causes (something to be done)5 meets with, experi- ences, undergoes; dies 6 gets (an opportunity of doing), is able (usually with vn. obj.; cf. c, d).7 gets = spends, lives (through) 8 invents, devises 9`finds in oneself,' dares, pre- sumes (late) 10 imparts, communicates
fo-geil grazes, feeds on, consumes; lives on (a person), is a charge to, battens on
fo-geir 1 Heats, inflames;; chafes, irritates, excites 2 Tempers; seasons (cf. fo-beir)
fo-gella 1 gives a pledge to accept a legal decision from an authority; appeals to the judgment of, submits (a case) to 2 pronounces a verdict, decides, gives judgment concerning3 asserts, declares
fo-glana cleanses; clears away (?) hence clears off, wipes out, discharges (a debt, obligation, etc.) (?) (or is this for-glana ?)
fo-gleinn gathers; Hence studies, learns
fo-glen Adheres, clings to, follows
fo-glúaisi 1 moves, stirs, sets in motion, makes go; stirs up, excites, disturbs; inspires; Refl. bestirs oneself, moves
fo-gní 1 serves, is of use; serves, is subject to; used; renders service as equivalent for; renders, pays; serves = is used (by); is of use to, avails, profits; is practised (?); is used (by), passing into sense is practised (by), is the wont (of); serves with regard to = is construed with (a case, part of speech);
*fo-goin wounds, impairs; is spoiled
fo-guid begs, entreats
fo-íada shuts down, closes
fo-immart pressed
fo-indarban subjects (?)
fo-indlea wanders, roves; In Laws trans. absconds from
fo-inmlig humours; `proclaim' i.e. `prosecute,'
fo-labrathar speaks in an undertone, mutters; murmurs
fo-lámathar 1 Attempts, is about to 2 Comes near to, is in danger of; threatened me
fo-léci sinks down
fo-len follows; cleaves to; I follow, ... adhere ...
fo-lethna spreads, increases
fo-lína Fills up, makes up, supplies
fo-ling 1 leaps, springs 2to anticipate 3 lay claim
fo-llega spreads, blots; dissolve
fo-loing 1 bears, sustains, supports; of bearing burdens; Transf. supports, main- tains; Freq. of maintaining one in sickness; Upholds, observes 2 sustains, endures, holds out against (an evil, enemy, etc.) 3 cannot (could not) sustain, endure to 4 endures, remains 5 undergoes, suffers 6in Laws (text) is liable to, is responsible for (a duty, payment, etc.) ;7 brooks, suffers, (with vn.) allows
fo-loisci scorches, burns slightly
fo-luathar 1 flies; Of human beings, flees, absconds 2 waft
fo-luigi 1 covers, hides, conceals; hides oneself 2 covers, spreads ... over
fo-meil 1 Uses up, consumes 2 Rubs
fo-midethar judges, forms an estimate of; diagnose
fo-moinethar Takes heed, esp. in sense is on one's guard against, is beware
fo-naisc Binds (someone to do something), imposes (an obligation, etc.), makes a contract; will lay tribute on, subdue
fo-nig washes, cleanses
fo-niti mocks, derides
fo-noí Bakes, roasts, cooks (); of bread-making, often = kneads;
fo-ocaib raises (but see ); mounted; reared
fo-reith 1 succours, helps 2in Laws takes the place of, is equivalent to, constitutes 3 support
fo-ricc 1 comes across, finds; finds before one, finds on arrival
fo-rig 1 holds back, detains, delays, keeps waiting; remains, abides 2 keeps, preserves, prolongs; retains in possession 3 binds 4intrans. remains, stays, continues:; waits for
fo-rinda signifies; expresses
fo-rír interj. expressing sorrow or dismay, alas !
fo-roind darkens, stains, reddens
fo-ruimi, -fuirmi 1 sets, places, of local relations; Of planting a blow, etc. 2 confers, imposes, inflicts; Of exchange (?); lay down, i.e., impose, enact 3 lays prostrate, overthrows 4in refl. and middle constr. betakes oneself, goes
fo-sagar announces
fo-saig 1 grieves, annoys, afflicts 2 tries, assays, attempts
fo-scaíli scatters, disperses
fo-scanna tosses, winnows, shakes, agitates; winnowing and gleaning
fo-sceinn springs, bounds
fo-scib recedes , withdraws
fo-scuichi moves away, departs; removes, changes
fo-scuiri puts off; postpones
fo-serba purloins, steals, diverts fraudulently (?)
fo-sern lit. `strews under'; arranges in due order, spreads abroad, publishes (?); places himself, is seated; is circulated; well-known, notorious.
fo-sisedar 1 stands under,2 confesses, acknowledges, admits 3 professes, avows 4`stands under or for,' acknowledges, goes bail for, becomes responsible for; Supports (?)
fo-sla bespatters (?)
fo-slechta cuts down, hews down
fo-slí earns; incurs (liabilities, etc.)
fo-slig Smears, overlays
fo-suidethar Maintains, provides sustenance for
fo-suidigedar substitutes
fo-tá is beneath, under
fo-tabair places under
fo-tairci substitutes, supplies
fo-teinn nibbles; gnaws;
fo-timmthirid lit. sub-ministers
fo-tlen takes away, subtracts, abducts, purloins
*fo-tochoisgedar follows
fo-uisim puts away (in safe keeping), sequesters, stores up (secretly?)
fúacair, fo-úacair, fócair 1 proclaims, announces, makes known 2 Discloses, reveals 3 commands, orders; warns 4 proclaims battle on, challenges (some- one) to battle: 5 proclaims (in hostile sense), denounces; declares outlaw, banishes; repudiates, disclaims 6 adjudges, awards (to); orders to be given (to), hands over; adjudges from, takes away from; (reflex.) gives up claim to, renounces (publicly)
imm-fo(i)lng(a)i 1 causes, produces, makes, effects 2 supports, sustains