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do-eipen 1 excises, cuts (out of, off); Esp. cuts out, forms, fashions 2 loses, forfeits , forgoes 3 shirks, fails (in) (mod.) 4I fail
1 fail , foil A ring, an arm-ring or bracelet; A torque (?); ouches, clasps; Of handle of vessel; the bellshaped cup; circuit, enclosure; a vessel having a ring-shaped handle
2 fail 1the place) where 2 near, beside, along with; Beside, seen in comparison with 3in the place where; where; side by side (?)
3 fail hiccup; the yexing or hiccough; Sobbing, weeping
5 fál 1name of the stone at Temair (Tara; known as the Lia Fáil 2a name of Ireland 3name of Beggery Island, Co. Wexford
1 foil, fail enclosure, shelter (for animals); lair; esp. pigsty; lairs
géisid cries out, roars, shrieks.; groans, creaks; Of the Lia Fáil
meth Decay, blight, wasting, failure; Freq. in threats or imprecations; without fail; feeble (spiritless) churls?; In moral sense of feebleness, degeneracy; In Laws failure (to fulfil an obligation)
tacha 1 want, necessity, scarcity; With cen plentiful, abundant, fruitful, frequent; fruitful; without fail; in solitude 2 hardship, distress, extremity
tuitim 1 act of falling; a fall; sinking 2to fail; act of falling upon, coming on; Of sleep 3 act of falling in battle, being slain; death 4Legal act of falling due, being forfeit; forfeiture (us. of a pledge, guarantee, etc.)