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aided 1violent death; dies a violent death; As the title of a class of stories 2act of killing 3In more general sense (unpleasant) fate , plight
áirithe 1 certain, sure; special, particular, a certain; in particular; at least 2 assurance, certainty, safe course; fate , destiny 3 special, particular; a certain, with adjectival force; With adverbial force in particular, particularly; for certain, surely
cinnemain fate , destiny, chance, frequ. in unfavourable sense misfortune
cinniud 1act of fixing, defining, deciding; act of dedicating one's life; act of terminating battle etc. successfully; measuring; wood-cutting 2 certainty, limit, definition; decision, decree; agreement; arrangements; destiny, fate
cobrae speech, conversation; merry- making(?); prophetic utterance(?); fate (?)
crann 1 tree; fruit-tree; blockheads; protector 2 wood (material), timber 3 staff, pole, bar, stock, plank, beam, axis; article or tool of wood; crozier; walking staff; handle(?); beam; fishing-rod; boat; bar; frames; distaff; mixing-stick; fire-raker; spearshaft, spear; lance; spearshafts; Cross; Mast, steering oar; ships; Of bed or part thereof; Of axis in ogam writing; post 4wooden piece used in casting lots; lot, destiny, fate
dán 1A gift, bestowal, endowment, present; gifts given to the Church, its goods; a gift from man to God, a spiritual offering; often in connection with idpart or de- pendent on adopair; a divine gift to man from God or the Holy Ghost, a Christian virtue looked upon as an emanation from the Holy Ghost; a natural endowment, faculty, ability or talent, ingenium 2 Skill in applying the principles of a special science; science; skill applied to the material or subject-matter of art; artistic faculty, art; especially the poetic faculty; the art of poetry; , esp. poets 3A poem, song, verse, rhyme; an ode, poem, lay, song or ditty; hymn.; in verse; the name of a metrical system used by the Irish4An industrial pursuit of a skilled nature; a craft, trade, business, office, calling, profession 5A profession as represented by its practisers col- lectively; the members of a trade as a body; captives, prisoners 6An occupation, function, business; an allotted task 7To give in payment; a payment; pro- fession 8 destined to, in store for; espec. destined by fate , fated, allotted; fate , destiny; oppose together, be on the same side against
deónugud granting, allowing, vouchsafing, permission; Hence misfortune as permitted by Providence, fate
díach 1 fate , destiny 2 punishment
díl 1Legal act of discharging, taking the place of (?) 2 requital, recompense, retribution; atonement, reparation; retaliation (?); requital; a reward 3 satisfaction, sufficiency; act of satisfying (a debt), paying; act of entertaining (poets, mendicants, etc.) 4 treatment, handling 5 equal; complement; fitting object, warrant, guarantee; what is fitting or worthy 6 lot, fate 7 end, destruction
dlug 1 justifying reason; hence right, claim, possession; freq. in phrase is d. do x x has a right to 2 plight, lot, fate (infl. of díl, dual, see above) 3 desire (?) 4 means, contrivance (?)
doír 1 unfree, lowborn, of servile condition or nature; subst., serf; Servile, menial 2Of physical and moral qualities base, ignoble, slavish: 3 enslaved, subject 4 condemned, deserving punishment, guilty 5 laborious, hard, rigorous, painful 6 dear, valuable, costly 7 unfree, servile, base, of low condition; `natural slave', inferior; serf-tribe; serf-soldier; serf, `villain'; a bard of the second class; bondwoman (poet.); base-hospitallers; serf-cottier; base tenant; client; artisans of lower class; prisoner; imprisonment, bondage; tribute; serf-clan, inferior classes or race; lowborn person (?); bondsman; menial service, bondage; base `tenant- at-will'; servile yoke, servitude; base tenant of ecclesiastical lands; taskmasters; taskmaster; servile work; tributary territories; subject tribes 8 sentence of condemnation; tyrannical judgment; hard judgement or fate; rigorous, severe; ill-fated; haemorrhoids
écconách ill fate , misfortune
fátal fate , lot (?)
íartaige, íardaige, íardraige, íardraoi 1 result, consequence (usually in bad sense) 2Hence fate , unhappy end 3 remnant, remainder 4 issue, offspring, children 5 a resulting liability, a liability to maintain (?), `a final payment; peace- ful situation arising from the settlement of a claim; three days of grace or perhaps three additional or following days
imthús 1act of leading, guiding; guidance 2 circuit?3(in sing. and pl.) fate , adventure, history, proceeding 4Used in sing. and pl. to introduce a follg. noun in the gen., concerning, as regards 5 inversion, transposition; competing (?); alternating
1 ind, inn 1 extremities of the body; the top of the head; In pl., the extremities of the hands and feet, the extremities in general; sg. the tip; the tongue; of the eyes, pl. the points (cf. 1 rind) 2the point of a weapon or rod 3 the top (of a tree), the summit (of a hill) 4In general top, end, point, edge: metaph.; from top to bottom; rampart; fate; something that is slight, the least degree of anything: 5 edge (of a territory, etc.), surface ? (of water, etc.) 6Of time end, extremity
indrem, indram 1 performance, attainment ?; achievement (?); act of directing; guidance, direction, course; beginning, origin 2act of serving, service; treatment; condition, state; fate; flux, discharge ?
meiriden doubt, uneasi- ness, anxiety?; misdisposal; ill treatment, evil fate
mí- 1 evil desire; an evil fate , death; aversion, loathing; an evil token; ill desert; evil-speaking, bad language; evil counsel; slaughtering; a bad (false) reading; failing to hit the mark; incoherence; bad fosterage; ill nurture; evil plight; mis-disposal (?); ruin; evil custom or habit; evil odour; irreverence, disrespect; disrespect, disesteem; evil prediction, augury; discordant music; wrong; unjust; ill-will, grudge; senselessness, folly; wildly, at random; ravings; evil destiny; disquiet, trouble; ill fame, evil report; breach of covenant, ill faith; evil counsel; non-fulfilment or breach of promise; misfortune, ill-luck; a bad throw, a miss; legal term, an illegal or invalid contract; defeat; ill- behaviour, turbulence; impiety; an evil heart; rancour; an evil recollec- tion; Forgetfulness; a bad share, an inferior portion; misconstructing; (fig.) dis- maying; evil smoke; ill appearance, ill looks; evil-doing; Not doing; Bad shape, form; ill appearance; bad colour; an evil eye (glance); an evil example; evil fate; ill-treatment; evil anticipations; distrust; want of hope, despair; an ill wish; ill will, malevolence; a misdeed; dishonour; inhospitality; evil report (?); leaving (animals) unguarded or in danger?; an ill welcome; mistake, delusion; an evil word; A word of ill omen; evil speaking, bad news; Reviling; an illegal or unjust proceeding (Laws); disqualifications; Hence in general a wrong, grievance (generally in pl.); bad help, a hindrance; cowardice; an evil deed, misdeed; ill favour, dislike?; disfavour; dislike, aversion; low rank or status; evil result, consequences; playing false, deceiving; maltreating, injuring; evil meditation, ill thoughts; evil intent; unwarlike behaviour, cowardice; bedless; dis- figurement; an evil omen; evil desire, disposition; Dejection (?); discouragement; dejection; misjudgement, mistake; Disesteem, disrepute; of ill fame; a bad or dangerous morsel (of food); dis- honour, reproach; unfriendliness, hostility; shamelessness; debility; an unchaste woman; dishonour; disfavour, dislike; a bad share; an evil lot (?); bad luck, ill fortune; a breach of rule, transgression; an evil course; disobeying, not com- plying with (the wishes of); an evil choice; an evil secret, mystery?; evil intent; ill will, malice; an evil report; bad tidings; ugliness; bad writing, mistakes in writing or copying?; ill-luck; dejection (?); want of sense, ability; mistrust; an evil fit, paroxysm, turn; guile' (?); dis- pleasure; mishap, accident; ill-repute; gloom; misfortune, ill luck; a false opinion; Suspicion; evil will or inclination; Unwillingness; evil fruit; ill-profit, unprofitable- ness; decrease; mercilessness; an evil foreboding or omen 2 having evil desires; giving evil counsels (? ill-advised); of evil behaviour; of ill fame; scurrilous; plying an evil trade or calling; unconscious of; not in one's proper senses; infamous; ill-famed; backsliding; impious; unbelieving, infidel; misshapen; forgetful; ill-fated, unlucky; devilish; unworthy; hopeless, despairing; incapable of brave exploits; given to evil speaking; foul-mouthed, scurrilous; wanting proper qualifications (leg. term); unkinsmanlike; of evil or pitiable aspect; ill-speaking; unwarlike, craven; ill-cared, ill-nourished; immoderate; unnatural; shameless; inordinate; grace- less; unlucky, inauspicious; not smooth, rugged; a rough or uneven place; ill-intentioned, malicious; unsightly, hideous; anxious, distressful; reckless; troubled, uneasy; unhappy; ill-attested; of evil report, infamous; unfortunate; evil-minded (?); ill-provided, lacking necessaries; im- prudent, foolish; weak, inefficient; merciless; merciless; Failing to obtain mercy, doomed; hapless; inconsiderate, foolish; merciless' (?)3 counsels ill; defames; keeps (observes) ill; profanes; disorders, throws into confusion, mishandles, maltreats; disordered; dislikes, loathes; wishes ill (to); does ill; plays false, deceives; treats with disrespect, dishonours; dishonours; displeases; believes or thinks evil, suspects
oided fate
5 scoth fate