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x see fíamuin.


Cite this: eDIL s.v. fíamuin or


Forms: fíadmuin, fiadmuin, fiadhmuine

n some kind of swift-footed animal (the spelling fíadmuin is perh. due to association with 2 fíad): fiadmuin .i. fiadmíla bid i muine, Corm. Y 646 (pl. or collect. ?). luaithidir fíamuin, Corm. Bodl. s.v. prull (fándli no fiamain LB). BDD 135 . LU 9122 ( FB 87 ). TBC-LL¹ 5634 St (fiamhain). pl. [do]coislet fort fiadhmuine , O'Dav. 627 . cf. coisle fiamoin ([.i.] siubhal sionnach no mactire), Hard. ii 294.12 .