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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: glónṡnáithe

n (also written glónáthe, glónṡnáithe) io, m. Possibly coined in imitation of Lat. filum (used fig. of language in sense of texture, form). The meaning of the first component is not clear. Possibly borrowed from Brittonic *glou 'coal', Celtica xxi 238 . The orig. sense may be defining or delimiting thread or line , as in Sg. 3b20 ; hence typical form, norm ; passing into sense weaving, arranging (of a composition) : gl. norma, Ml. 99d2 . don glosnaithiu gl. ad normam, 35d10 ; gl. filum, 145b5 . hua glosnathiu ind inni seo .i. tituli (= tali filo orationis), 72a8 . g p. inna [n]gláosnathe nó inna fuath .i. is hé in gloṡnáthe caractar inna liter (gl. ... figurae linearum), Sg. 3b20 . cindimm díb ... glón-shnáthi ernaigthe cumbri do denum ... a model of short prayer (of the Lord's prayer), PH 7857 . ferta atchú[a]idetar ... ocus dosratsat fo glo[ṡ]nathi naisnesen ... a thread of narrative, Trip. i 60.23 . Cf. 256.10 . do chuirsium glonsnaithi filidhechta fuithib, Laws iii 88.15 . in scel feigh ... do denam tre glosnaithe fileta, Anecd. ii 42.9 . co n-dernad glónathe airchetail co cummair do chumnigud in sceóil sin `a brief poetical resumé,' TFerbe 762 . Cf. 98 . tre glosnaithe ealadhna, BNnÉ 251 § 206.