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1 dús to see, to find out (if, whether, etc.); asks; whether, who
ethaid 1 Goes 2 Seizes, obtains; snatches
1 fis, fius 1the act of finding out or ascertaining; knowledge, information; tidings, information; secretly, unnoticed; with my knowledge; so far as I know; to find out, to investigate (see also dús); to seek, visit; towards; that it may be known; to, towards; when revealed, made known; who knows but ? perhaps 2that which is known; knowledge; tooth of knowledge; occult knowledge, revelation 3a message, notice, summons; sends word to, sends for, summons; In pl. tidings, summons (somet. apparently messengers) 4 description, appella- tion 5 honour, generosity 6a learned man, a sage ?7 participle known; I know
fríth, fríthe That which is found (thing or person); in Laws techn. term for a find , estray, waif; the finder; a lucky find , a treasure-trove, an unexpected gain; the wanderer
ro-finnadar 12 know 3 finds out, discovers, learns; find out; find out 4 knows; is aware of, seldom is acquainted with); knew 5is known; was known 6 finds out (knows) against (to the discredit of)7 surely, certainly
turchairthe 1 valuables cast up by the sea, wrack, hence wealth, goods; (finny) wealth; commodities 2Of persons chance or unexpected arrival; waif found- ling; witch 3 windfall, find , good luck, success, prosperity; godsend; unfortunate event (?)