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aibíet fir-tree
fidba(i)d Trees (coll.), a wood or forest; hedge of trees; woodland; wooded ridge; uprooting woods; Transf. of timber; of fir-wood; spears; `spear-forest' (armed warriors); Of masts; Of hair; Of the skeleton; Of a genealogical tree, a family; Of a person, scion
1 fír 1 true, veracious; he is right; I deem it true, I believe; it will prove true, come to pass; happened; may it come to pass; so be it; if it is true = `according to statement', `it is said'; `righteous' (?); as true as; genuine 2what is true; truth, right; according to truth, really, actually; truly, really (?)3a pledge, guaran- tee 4an attestation; a proof, test, ordeal; a religious ordeal or attestation; compurgation; compurgators; `test-tree,' tree of ordeal; aspen 5 right, due 6`truth of battle,' a just cause in fight; fair play (in combat), single combat; the truth (justice) of the F.; the word of a prince; justice of a ruler; fair fighting 7 veracious, true, just; a just judge; a just judgment; just, true rule; according to right procedure, as is meet; true, righteous judgment; true account; just wrath; veritable, genuine, real; the true God; heathen gods; genuine fury; the true neuters; a genuine friend; a veritable foe; a true cleric; the real God; a true, rightful prince; true King; exact; true, genuine or merely intens. downright, sheer; true smoothness; gentleness; a hearty welcome; true charity; scrutinizing; true love; intense thirst; real profit; a downright defeat; deep envy; selected (?) wheat; salmon; a salmon- weir; fresh milk; a spring; fresh water (opp. to brine), spring water 8 truly, genuinely, downright; very keen; perfectly round; quite certain; really poor; truly learned; just in judgment; truth-speaking; truly the best
2 fír heavy (with milk), milch. Explained by glossators as 'white' and 'milk'
3 fír milk
Garbraige one of the three tribes descended from the Fir Bolg
geibe a fir-tree (?)
giús a fir-tree, a pine
giúsach 1 fir , pine; fir-timber 2a fir-wood, a pine-forest
giúsda pertaining to fir or pine trees; made of fir or pine wood
2 gort 1 ivy 2 fir (?) 3the name of the letter `g' in Ogham
ochtgach a fir or pine tree
1 onn 1the pine-tree; fir-cones or pine-kernels?2the furze-bush; ash