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Forms: fithir, fithidrea, fithirae, fithidire, fithithre

n m. also fithir ; g s. fithidrea, Corm. Bodl. s.v. lethech (fithidire Y. fithirae LB). a teacher, esp. one who instructed scholars (écsíni) in the poetic art ; a word of more restricted application than `aite' and later confined to poetic style. fithir .i. athair an foirceadail no na healadhna, O'Cl. fithir (.i. in fithidir .i. in magistir), RC xx 248 ( ACC 52 ). bíd Moninnán ... a athir, a ḟithithir `M. will be his father, his tutor' Imr. Brain § 57 . fithithair fria fealmac (one of the legally recognized social connexions), Laws ii 344.4 (= in t-aite forcetail, 348.20 Comm .). fear cerda, ma[d] fithír `a man of art, if a professor' iv 236.15 . bendachais dia fithir (.i. aite), MacCongl. 11.3 . sóifid cách a dán i sáibforcital ... do chungid derscaigthe dia fithithir, RC xxvi 42 § 223 . fithighir fer nErenn re filidhecht ┐ re senchus, ALC 1506 . g s. isse ... bessad in gilla tosugud forcetail do t[h]engaid a fithidire , Corm. Y 676 (= fithera LB). ecsine ... co menmuin fithidire, 825 = (s.v. lethech) a ḟithirae LB. móradh fithithire, Ériu xiii 25.7 . ? ca soitheach fithir is fó ? (.i. ca hadbhur oide), ZCP v 488.12 (B. na f.). pl. cona urērset felmaic a fithithre `so that pupils will not rise up (in respect) before their teachers' RC xxvi 42 § 222 . a ffithire forcthe fealmacacha, Hugh Roe 162.13 (f. 43b) .