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Last Revised: 2013

Forms: fochsl-, foxl-, focoissle, fodacoisle, fodaroxla, forróxul, forochlastar, forochsalsat, focoslider, foroxlad, foxlar

v ā (protot. fochsl-, foxl-). Ind. pres. 3 s. focoissle, Laws v 422.1 . fodacoisle, iv 202.1 . Subj. pres. 3 s. (perf.) fodaroxla, 200.1 . perf. 3 s. forróxul (gl. tulit de medio) Wb. 27a19 (cf. forochlastar .i. rosfuc lais, gl. fosrolaic, Hy ii 38 ). 3 pl. forochsalsat (gl. subduxisse) Ml. 18d11 . Pass. pres. s. focoslider (gl. tollitur) Enchir. Aug. 76b ( ZCP vii 482 ). perf. foroxlad (gl. exacta est) Ml. 31a5 .

(a) takes away, abstracts, carries off ; freq. in Laws. im scaideirc focoisle ben ar araile (.i. beris in ben o ceili), Laws i 150.11 (152.32) . athgabail fir focoisle seoit ... (... don fiur foxlus seoit), O'D. 377 ( H 3.17, 286 - 7 ) = Laws v 262 . fer fodacoisle di maigin ... fo teol ┐ taide (.i. fer foxlas leis iad) the man who takes them (viz. bees) away from the precinct iv 202.1 (cf. fodocoisle .i. foxal, O'Dav. 939 ). nach dune dorata a gell ┐ focoissle iarum (.i. iarna toitim i ngill ro fuaitgedh sund e) who gives a pledge and takes it away again (after it has become forfeit) Laws v 422.1 . nach dune dombera a gell ┐ fochoisle ... direnar lānlōg enech ind [ḟ]ir ara foxlaiter ib. 6 . beich bite sechtar faithche, cipe fodaroxla no rodogata `who ever carries them off or steals them' iv 200.1 . gabais in mnaí foa lethoxail deis ┐ fócoislé for forlés in tige, LU 10910 (= TE III § 15 ). ind Ailich Móir furóxail muintir Cluana macc Nois `in A.M. which the community of C. took away' Trip. 80.21 (884) . rofoxal in sruth a luimne dona laechaib .i. a sciatho, Dinds. 57 . foroxlad e as (the letter) e has been taken out of it Sg. 201b8 . fochoissled ... súas R. ... ┐ dolécced anúass was snatched up (into the air) Trip. 130.22 (= focoisled 1506 ). Cf. seichill .i. foxal, ut est: cū seichill focoislethar a muinter féin, O'Mulc. 849 . Distrains (?): ro foxlebaid `the distress will be made' Laws i 218.16 Comm. Cf. focoislither ceithra in teallaigh la cis a neimhidh `shall be distrained for the rent of the n.' iv 6z Comm . = arna forcoisligthear cethrai in tella[i]ch laisin cis sin, O'Curry 846 (< H 3.18, 385a ) (the text is: uracomol cis neimid `land which secures the rent of a n.', one of the seven holdings into which cattle are not brought for entry). ni foroxla taide no cnet ... asrenar cona fuillem `that which is taken away in theft secretly or openly ... shall be paid for with addition' Laws ii 374z (Comm. explains: ni foxlas nech dib o ceile i ngoit; Thurneysen, Stud. in E. Ir. Law 39 , renders: `Alles, was Verheimlichung ... ausgenommen hat', comparing: fidbretha, ... a ndire for treisi, acht ni focoisle cuicthe de, Laws i 182.3 ). Cf. foxlut muige ┐ cricha anudh ┐ dithim cintuigh (gl. fofuiriut anta ┐ dithmunn) ` lengthen ' ii 104 Comm . nochan foxlait muige na cricha anad na dithim doib i 148.17 Comm . (of distresses taken by women).

(b) Acc. to O'Don., Suppl. ` foxlar is sometimes put for fastar `it is bound, confirmed, ' for which statement he refers to the follg.: ó bet [fis ┐ trebuire] araon a n-aoinfecht ann foxlait in cunnrad uile leo amhuil foxlas tochus ┐ innracus enech comlán do neoch ó bet araon a nainecht aige is amuil sin astus fis ┐ trebuire in cunnradh uile leo, O'D. 793 (< H 3.17, c. 569 ) = o beid araon i n-aonfecht ann foxlar in cunnradh uile leo, O'Curry 2393 (< Eg. 88, 30b6 ). is amlaid ro soich lan fiach ar in sellach a cain .i. cethruime ar dul co maigain, ┐ cethruime air ar beth a fiadnaise an marbtha, ┐ cethruime ar beth ina coimitecht o eisinill co inill. ┐ is amail foxlus tochus ┐ indrucas eneclann comlan do duine o bed maraen aice is amlaid foxlus na tri cethruma in cethruma aile cuca, 23 Q 6, 13a37 ( O'Curry 1692 ).