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Last Revised: 2019

Forms: -fúasna, rofuasnaibter, nosfuasnaither, nusfuassnaigther

v -fúasna

(a) agitates, disturbs , in physical and fig. sense: fufuasna fairggae findḟolt tosses the ocean's white hair Thes. ii 290.4 . amal fufuasnither (of sea) Ml. 66d17 . gresis E. na gaetha ... ┐ fuasnaid in talmain ┐ int aer o anfine dimoir, Aen. 220 (leg. fuasnaidther?). ma beth nech fodḟúasna (boduasna, foruasna v.l.) if any one disturb (the order of the chapters) Fél. Ep. 102 (hence: foruasna .i. cumscaighis, O'Dav. 895 ). fafuasna són ┐ faceird dia aicniud perturbs him Ml. 94c8 . nachat-uasnad ... soine na haisnéssen let not ... disturb thee LB 232b36 . ? dia mbi fergi fúasnadar mac F. frind, LU 8652 ( FB 38 ; dep. according to Wind.). día fúasnaither frind LU 8656 (ib.). ma fōsnather trist do tabirt for nech if thou art wroth so as to lay a curse Mon. Tall. § 36 . otchuala in ri inní sein for[ḟ]uasnad co mór, Trip. 42.15 (452) . trén rom-fúasnaidh-si (sic leg.), BS 98.14 . fuasne ar légióna 'you perturb our legions', Stair Nic. 92.234 .

(b) in Laws, attacks, impugns (a contract, etc.): fofuasnaide a curu `she can disturb his contracts' Laws ii 382.1 ( Stud. in E. Ir. Law 46 ). itir dā sochond nād fuasnaithter cuir `whose contracts are not impugned' Laws iii 4.10 ( SM Facs. 46a ). cach bidba ina chinta do neoch no ḟuasnabad cáin (= si quis legem violaverit?) Thr. Ir. Gl. 30 = do neoch forsesed a chain no foruasnadfad i (= a) chain, Corm. Y p. 76 (= do neoch foroesad [a cháin], Bodl. See fo-fich). rofuasna bthar adbarta `offerings will be disturbed RC xxvi 38 § 193 (= for-fuasnaighfithear YBL. rofuasnaibter, Rawl.). Impers. pass. with IMM of pers.: nosfuasnaither im Coin Culaind ... oca clostecht sin C. became enraged LU 10477 = nusfuassnaigther , ZCP iii 261 § 88 . otchuala H. in scél sin rofercaiged ┐ rofuasnad co mor imme, LB 144a41 . o atchuala ... in mathair na scela sin ro fuasnad co mor impe, 222b6 .

See fúasnad and fúasnaide.